Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victimization by Big Brother

As I prepare for a legal action against this ongoing persecution, I requested a personal file under the FOIP Act from Edmonton police department. To my surprise that police had documented some untrue comments about me when I reported break-in incident. To me, they have the right not to believe what I said because gang stalking is an organized action, and they wouldn't leave any concrete evidence, but police don't have the right to label a person as paranoid or dilusional. By making such a comment, they actually help the stalkers to cover up their covert harassment. Or it is quite possible that police was actually involved in such covert action.

In mind control harassment, break-in home and car is so common, and I doubt that police is not aware of the fact at all. In most cases, mind control victims are always harassed by police or intelligence agencies rather than just a local group. My personal experience is a typical mind control psychological abuse case, which both police and security agencies are definitely involved. I can provide them with thousands of incidents that tells this is happening. Just because they isolated me and I don't have a second person to verify everything to them, they can say whatever they want to say. This is a jungle, and in my opinion, they are the ones who are paranoid. How can they use their privilege that government and people gave them to victimize a civilian just by saying so, but totally ignored the truth!!!!

To elaberate the detail, I have to tell from last May. I called the police department to report a break-in incident late April. The police officer didn't come to see the scene till two hours after. I didn't find anything important missing, but my door was opened when I was away from home. I showed the police the evidence that someone accessed to my home, but they didn't take it seriously as nothing important was missing. Then a month later, I heard someone was buzzing me from the building entrance, and they were police. This time the police officer is an Asian guy. I felt strange why police visited me without any reason. But this visit was only a follow up. I gave a brief description of what happened a month ago, and thought this was over. However, it was not. Police department sent an Asian officer to victimize me. That was how the report was created and put into my personal file. Since last April, I started to file human rights complaint against my previous employer, and they are connected and are aware of that. By having an Asian officer to label me as paranoid wouldn't take any risk of being blamed for racial discrimination. What a government? I would say "Racist government".

They think they haven't done enough to persecute me yet. They continue to persecute me.
Now it is not so hard to see who is the one to initiate this hate crime.

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