Thursday, December 4, 2008

Different Forms of Organized Stalking and Who Is Behind All This.

The following article is written by Keith Labella

1. Any information in FBI’s records, whether in print, audio, digital, or, any other form (hereafter “FBI records”) related to the national phenomenon of gang stalking.

2. “Gang Stalking” is known by other synonymous names including, but not limited to: community stalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, revenge stalking, vigilante stalking, terrorist stalking, and gaslighting. I request information related to all FBI records related to any of these terms, and, any similar terms.

3. Gang stalking involves groups of individuals operating territorially and nationwide, and, in communication and collusion with each other, to violate the civil rights of, and disrupt, destabilize and finally destroy individuals who are put on a Stalking List for various reasons. The gangs use both intensive physical and electronic surveillance means to do this. I request any information in FBI records related to gang stalking groups.

4. Gang stalking methods include, but are not limited to, street theatre, in which targets of gang stalking are subjected in public to rudeness, loud speaking and personal references to themselves and their private activities by persons within the gang stalking conspiracy. Dangerous tailgating and headlight brighting while the targeted individual is followed when driving committed by the gang stalking conspirators. Theft and vandalism of the targeted individual’s property including that of their home(s) and vehicle(s) committed by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Noise campaigns in which gang stalking conspirators and recruited neighbors use car honking, door slamming, light shining and other distractions to harass the gang stalking victim. Conspicuous surveillance and following both on foot and by vehicles used by the gang stalking conspirators against the targeted individual. Disruption and coercion used against employers of the individual targeted by gang stalking in order to get the targeted individual fired. Coercion used against targeted business owners involving threats to employees, theft of business property, and threats to customers, suppliers, and, others who deal with the targeted individual's business by members of the gang stalking conspiracy in an effort to destroy the targeted individual’s business. Electronic bugging used against a targeted individual, and, disruption or theft of their mail, phone-lines, e-mails, computers, internet, electricity, water service, and any other necessary service disruption against a targeted individual’s services by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Targeting the individual’s friends, family and even children in order to harm the targeted individual and isolate them conducted by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Psychological warfare conducted by members of the gang stalking conspiracy against the targeted individual to create phobias and to feed known phobias of the victim. Gang stalking victims have had their pets poisoned and otherwise harmed and killed. I request any and all FBI records on the above-stated gang stalking methods and any similar methods.

5. Any FBI records indicating the number of individuals targeted by gang stalking (i.e., gang stalking victims).

6. Any FBI records indicating the number of individuals involved in gang stalking groups nationwide.

7. Any FBI records indicating the status of members and/or recruits in the gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, local criminals, cops, firefighters, EMT workers, essential service workers (telephone, electricity, janitors), former victims recruited and any other group representing a statistical identifiable, portion/percentage of the gang stalking groups.

8. Any FBI records indicating the suicide, mental breakdown, or, other physical, mental, or, penal harm that befell any gang stalking victim as a result, or a believed result, of their being subjected to gang stalking and gang stalking methods.

9. Any FBI records indicating a concerted effort on the part of any federal, state or local authorities to keep gang stalking out of major media coverage and off certain websites such as Wikipedia, and, to otherwise control the flow of information related to gang stalking in any form or format by governmental authorities. Any FBI records indicating that the FBI and/or coordinating agencys have spread disinformation related to gang stalking through the press or internet for any reason.

10. Any FBI records indicating that publicly funded victim’s groups are being censored in any way regarding the information they receive and transmit to any party regarding gang stalking. Any FBI record indicating the use of federal funding as a tool to control the flow of information, directly or indirectly, regarding gang stalking

11. Any FBI records indicating the increase in frequency of gang stalking activity from 1990 to present.

12. Any FBI records indicating coercion or bribery being used by gang stalking groups to force or bribe neighbors, local businesses and others in the community of a targeted individual to participate in the gang stalking methods/activities directed against one or more targeted individuals within a community.

13. Any FBI records indicating the motives behind the stalking of individuals such as personal vendettas, family vendettas, whistle-blowing (corporate and government), employment disputes/lawsuits, political views, sexual orientation, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, HIV status, business disputes, marital disputes, monetary disputes, and any other similar motives for gang stalking.

14. Any FBI records indicating the funding of gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, narcotic and other racketeering funds, corporate funds, local business funds and government money (e.g. paid informants), monetary crimes by the gang stalkers, or, payment for surveillance or intelligence collected by gang stalking groups paid by racketeers made to the gang stalkers for services they rendered.

15. Any FBI records indicating the number of informants (paid and unpaid) under the control of federal, state and local law enforcement within these gang stalking groups. For instance, during the Civil Rights Era the FBI now acknowledges 20% of KKK members were informants.

16. Any FBI records relating to a List on which gang stalking victims are placed which initiates and/or maintains the gang stalking activities against them.

17. Any FBI records indicating a hierarchy within the gang stalking groups including a chain of command.

18. Any FBI record indicating that any person targeted and victimized by gang stalkers were subject to this activity across state lines as they lived and/or traveled in different states.

19. Any FBI records that pertain to the psychological profiles of gang stalking members, akin to the FBI’s psychological profiles on serial killers.

20. Any FBI records indicating the number of complaints made to the FBI or any other prosecutorial office and/or law enforcement authority complaining about gang stalkers from victims or anyone else.

21. Any FBI records indicating the internet traffic related to gang stalking including Google hits related to gang stalking and synonymous terms. For example recent Google hits for the following terms include: Community Stalking 5,160,000; Cause Stalking 4,880,000; Organized Stalking 1,860,000; Revenge Stalking 1,390,000; Gang Stalking 362,000.

22. Any FBI records indicating that gang stalking represents a threat to National Security, State Secrets and/or the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Coincidence or attempts

At about 5:20 pm tonight, I was almost hit by a car when acrossing the street at a very small intersaction. It is in residence area, and the street has only one lane for each direction. the speed limit in this residence area is no more than 25 m/hour. While I was walking across the street at the pedestrain cross-walk, a car drove directly towards me as if it didn't see me at all. It was not so dark at the time, and a couple of cars in the opposite direction all stopped and waited for me to cross over. At about 5 meters away, I realized this car was not going to slow down, not even mention to stop, so I had to move backward in order to escape the accident. I was barely able to avoid it. If one second late, I would have been knocked down by this car.

I couldn't believe that the lady said she didn't see me at all after I stopped her. Her car's headlight was on, and this is mandatory requirement driving in Canada even in broad daylight time. And all other cars in the opposite direction stopped with headlights on and waiting at the intersection. If she didn't see me, she definitely saw the cars in front of her. The reason made me suspicious of her intent was she said she didn't see me, but there was another guy sitting beside her. Could it possible that both of them didn't see me?

I already had two occiasions of car incident a little over a year ago. It happened within six months. But I successfully avoided both. Before those incidents, I had over ten years driving history, and had never had such "coincidence" . Now within two years, I kept experiencing such danger. I can't help thinking that both previous incidents were likely staged accidents. This is the third time.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Democratic National Convention Speech

For those who didn't have the time or didn't know Dennis Kucinich's speech in Democratic National Convention, here is a link for your convenience.

I am not a democrat, nor a republican. I am just an ordinary person who has a good sense of right or wrong. I don't go with either party, but I support whoever does the right things for its people.

Before Year 2000, the gas price was 0.99 cents per gallon, now it costs three times more. Now the food price is going up as well dramatically. Think about it, what causes this price change? Is it because the population grows so fast or it is because the financial manipulation and control for the benefit of the few? Think about it, do your research and you will have an answer.

To control oil is to control the nations, to control food is to control the people. Wake up nations and people, the few want to control the planet by using the tactics of propaganda and deception.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Stalking & Mind Control Activities

I would like to introduce the following article from to you only for your social awareness purpose. I don't ask you to believe what the article says, but provide you this information so that you can find for yourself what is real, and what is fantasy. We are very badly misinformed and mislead that we think we do have freedom in speech, and publication. As a matter of fact, we don't have the true freedom. The media are fully controlled to what the public should know, or shouldn't know. We don't know the truth.

From what I have experienced for the last six years in the real world, I believe and agree what this article talk about. This is not fiction, this is what happens on this planet without public's awareness. When something happening secretly, and you can't prove its happening doesn't mean it doesn't exist, or it is from imagination. I'm telling you from my own experience, it is real. It could happen to you, or to anybody.

This "War on Terror" myth has affected millions of innocent people all over the world. We are living in a "War", the WW3, which is dramatically different from previous 2 world wars in the last century. This "War" doesn't happen in the battle field, it happens in everybody's mind. It is an Info. War. No matter whether you realize it or not, it is going on now on this planet. This world experience a social re-engineering in political and economic aspects, spiritual belief and social structure.

Open your eyes and open your mind. See things by yourself, and think for yourself. Seeing is believing, not the other way around. The media can mislead you and me when you blindly believe what they say, they can't make you believe them when you think and reason for yourself.


Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Stalking & Mind Control Activities
By Nicholas Kirkland
August 7, 2008

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Stalking & Mind Control Activities by Nicholas Kirkland (Aug. 7, 2008)

In recent years, scientists have learned how to locate, focus on, and lock into a person’s brain to manipulate that person’s thoughts, and thus his actions, by remote. Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges of the 21st century. The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic.

I was first targeted by the Israelis in a South American country in 1978. At that time, the device that was used only allowed them to monitor my conversations and perhaps my movements.
Since that time, much more sophisticated high tech intelligence-gathering and mind control equipment and software have been developed. I believe that in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, pro-Israeli elements in the FBI took over the surveillance from the original perpetrators. Still much later the FBI “farmed out” that responsibility to a local group, which either works with or enjoys the protection of local law enforcement.

Although I had been targeted for years, I did not discover it until December 11, 2005, when my assailants, or “handlers,” began talking to me through my brain. At the same time, my handlers started bombarding me with electrical-like jolts, strong vibrations, and other physical torture. I later learned that the physical electronic effects, although annoying and painful, were simply used to “soften” or “sensitize” or “pre-condition” me for the real objective – mind control.

At the time that I became aware of what was happening, I was sixty-eight years old and in perfect physical and mental health. I knew full well that I was not schizophrenic. On the very day that the electronic stalking and mind control (ESMC) activities went from covert to overt, I started recording a detailed journal in which I recount my experiences and my thoughts concerning that topic. The journal today comprises four volumes and over eight hundred pages of single spaced typescript. At the same time, I began researching the topic, and started communicating with many other victims. Almost invariably those victims had ignored signs of electronic stalking and did not know for a very long time that they had been targeted. That is one of the techniques that the stalkers use. Stalkers begin very slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the electronic and mind control effects.

This paper does not deal with the methods used to zero in on a person’s mind. There are many schools of thought on that subject. One popular theory states that victims are implanted with microchips. I have read of only one person who supposedly located microchips in his body, had them surgically removed, and then had them identified. My efforts to contact that individual failed. In my opinion, his claims have not been authenticated. We know, however, that many forms of microchips have been developed for the human body, all of them controlled by remote.

Another theory believes that voices can be recorded, transferred to a computer, and the computer then used to lock onto that person’s brain. Experiments show that that has indeed been done. Still another theory talks about small devices (nano-microchips) made so small that they can fit between molecules of water and other liquid and be injected into the body in shots and inoculations. Patents taken out by scientists describe that very procedure. Other theories include wiring in the ear that connects with the brain, pins that penetrate the skull, and some type of substance ingested in food or injected into the body. Impostors from the very groups that employ ESMC intentionally post misleading material on the internet. Even some of the web site managers may be deliberately spreading hoaxes. All that said, pick a theory.

We do not yet actually know how high-tech assailants capture a victim’s mind. Neither do we know what instrument or instruments are used in the process. Both are highly guarded secrets. The only fact that we know for certain about mind control is the symptoms, or how ESMC manifests itself to the victim. Targeted individuals are well aware of the capabilities of the assailants, but for those readers who may be reading about electronic stalking and mind control for the first time, here are some of them.

(1) Monitor movements. They not only know one’s vehicular movements but they can also view him and follow his movements on his property and even inside his house.

(2) Hear and record my conversations along with those with whom one talks. This can be done even in a moving vehicle. The harassers occasionally record and play back to the victim excerpts of some of those conversations in his brain.

(3) See through the victim’s eyes. One’s eyes are controlled by his brain; thus, by controlling the victim’s brain, the handlers can also see whatever the victim sees. They can also view the victim’s body whether it is clothed or not and zoom in on any part of the body. Not only that, but they can see body parts much like a cat scan views the body. Indeed, they may be using a cat scan machine hooked to a computer.

(4) Apply a variety of torture techniques to the body. Those include: (a) sending pain and a sensation of pin pricks in the eyes, shoulders, face, elbows, and other areas, (b) bombarding the body with electrical jolts and tremors, (c) zapping the head with laser-like rays that make a clicking/crackling sound, probably attempting to destroy brain cells (d) causing severe cramping, mainly in the legs, and numbness in the limbs from the base of the spinal column to the toes, (e) making one cough through scratching the inside of my throat and causing one to sneeze by tickling the inside of his nostrils and also his throat, (f) causing an erection by touching the inside of the urethra, (g) causing stomach aches, indigestion, and dizziness, (h) sodomizing one with some unknown force (perhaps directed sound waves, which cause a strong vibrations and can focus on a particular very small area), and (i) causing the sensation of crawling insects on the face and neck. Many of those effects may perhaps be accomplished through the use of silent sound and various PC software.

(5) Knock out and interfere with the function of battery-operated or electrical household items. In my case, the handlers have (a) changed radio stations, (b) caused halogen flashlights to blink, (c) caused the tiny lights in a fingerprint reader used for PC security to quiver, (d) disabled my printer, (e) caused interference in TV programs, (f) made Weedeaters stop functioning, and (g) burned out battery flashlights. All of this suggests that the pervs use directed sound beamed in by a radio frequency guided by the GPS.

(6) Transmit voices into the brain that only the victim can hear. At first, the handlers normally call the victims ugly names, then they begin to talk to the victim. The victim gradually learns that he can also talk to them. Finally, after a time, the two parties converse albeit in an acrimonious fashion. By choice I do not converse with the handlers; however, I do use that means of communication to ridicule, taunt, and deprecate them.

In addition to the voices, the stalkers’ also whisper. This is the most insidious form of communication, as the whispers can be reduced to tones so low in volume that the victim’s consciousness does not “hear” them; nevertheless, the target’s brain does indeed pick up the whispers. The victim is completely unaware of the whispers, which make them all the more dangerous. It took me years to “hear” those subconscious whisperings.
The subconscious whisperings take many forms:

(a) Giving victims commands. Due to the inaudible commands, victims misplace items, forget names, dates and events, make errors while calculating and writing, say things out of context while talking with others, act in ways that the victim ordinarily would not act, do things completely alien to their customs and beliefs, and sometimes commit suicide,.

(b) Making statements about the victims’ family members and friends intended to cause estrangement of relations between them and the victims and thus isolate the victim. In my case, the handlers continually mention my son, to whom I am very close, and my two sisters. I telepathically tell the handlers that they cannot damage my relationship with my son, that my love for him and his family is undying, eternal, and unconditional. The bastards even whisper my son’s name while attempting to cause an erection. Such is the evil nature of the ESMC assailants.
(c) Causing victims to think in negative terms about almost everybody and everything. Their device(s) cause absurd thoughts in victims. For example, I have an elderly first cousin whom I like but to whom I am not particularly close. We rarely visit. Yet, one day while thinking about calling her, the thought of being an heir of hers surged into my mind. My cousin has three children, several grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. That negativity colors many of my normal thoughts. Their software also causes me to hear negative and suggestive words in place of ordinary words when I watch TV or listen to the radio.

(d) Introducing deviant sexual ideas and feelings that victims would dismiss and reject if they were conscious of them. The handlers continually emphasize incest, necrophilia, and other sordid sexual acts in their talking. I cared for my bedridden mother for eight months before she died; on one occasion, the perverts showed me a holographic picture of me climbing into bed with her just after she died.

(e) Creating in victims a lack of confidence in themselves by disparaging their capabilities and accentuating their faults. Whenever I do home improvement projects or assemble items, the perverts ridicule and taunt during the efforts, telling me that I’m doing it wrong. Indeed, they do their best through suggestions to my brain to cause me to do it wrong.

(f) Sending victims on wild goose chases. This has happened to me on various occasions, once, for example, when handlers sent telepathic thoughts about the owner of a defunct radio station in another city that I suspected may have been a clandestine site of the local operations center, and I actually went and located his house. On another occasion they convinced me that surveillance bugs were hidden throughout the house, and I took screws out of receptacles and other items. They also cause me problems in reading instructions and interpreting maps if I am traveling.

The ESMC assailants are also able to project voices and other sounds through objects near the victim, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near him. Their sounds can take the form of knocking on the walls, dogs barking, stacks of lumber falling, and birds cooing or singing. Some of those sounds might be heard by others if they were present; however, the stalkers are careful not to make the noises if there are visitors. I live alone, as many victims do, and my dog often barks at some of the noises that the stalkers project into the yard and pasture. One can buy computer programs that make those same sounds.

The stalkers can send their voices through a radio, even when it is turned off. They can also make you think that people at nearby tables in restaurants and other public places are talking about you by directing voices directly into your ears/brain (Directed sound again?) In applying their evil, the electronic stalkers make use of equipment that changes their voices to hide their identity. Voice changing programs are readily available on the internet for purchase. They can also record the voices of people with whom you talk and duplicate those same voices.

(7) READ A VICTIM’S THOUGHTS. There is irrefutable proof that many university, medical, and defense contractor scientists have developed microchips and other devices that operate with computer programs to achieve that capability. Scientists know that certain radio frequencies can pick up the frequency of the human brain.

In my case, the handlers’ equipment at first only picked up a few one- and two-syllable words of my thoughts. I heard them talking excitedly about picking up those fragmentary thoughts.

Later, however, the perverts upgraded either their equipment or their software, which allowed them to hear my complete thoughts. Moreover, they sometimes played those thoughts back to me in my own voice, with my own accent, and with my own pronunciations. Apparently those thoughts not only can be heard but can also be seen on their computer monitor, probably somewhat like the computerized captions for the hearing impaired on TV, and recorded. The most recent upgrade actually allows the pervs to read my thoughts two or three words BEFORE those same thoughts develop consciously in my brain. There is evidence that the handlers’ equipment and software can also see and record the very images that your thoughts see.

The mind reading capability not only gives stalkers access to everything in the victim’s mind but also provides them massive amounts of information about friends and family members of victims. The stalkers assiduously exploit this information 24/7. In my case, the stalkers constantly whisper the names of my son, two sisters, friends and acquaintances, and even people whom I do not really know but who might creep into my thoughts to gather information about those individuals. Knowing my thoughts also gives the stalkers my computer passwords (and thus control over my communications), information about my business matters, and previous knowledge of my actions and movements.

Of those capabilities, Number 6, the voices, and Number 7, mind reading, loom above the others in conquering the victim’s mind and spirit. In fact, hearing voices and having minds read sound so incredible that most victims do not report their electronic stalking and mind control assault to law enforcement. After all, if one hears voices and believes that people can read his thoughts, he must be crazy. And that is exactly what psychiatrists tell victims, that they suffer from dementia or paranoia-schizophrenia.

Why have electronic stalkers and mind control artists not been caught? They will be. It is only a matter of time, perhaps a short time. However, their evil has long gone undetected and unpunished because:

(a) They operate in total secrecy; therefore, their locations are unknown. The handlers probably take an oath of secrecy. Otherwise, one of the handlers tells a relative who tells a friend and soon the truth is out.

(b) They employ a method or methods of electronic harassment and mind control not yet fully understood. There are those researchers who believe that handlers use, in addition to microchips, other means to communicate with the victims’ brains. Whatever method is used, it will require some type of transmitter/receiver, although those instruments may function slightly differently.

(c) Their electronic stalking and mind control activities leaves little or no evidence. A part of the whole scheme is to operate in a manner that leaves no trace of evidence that could lead investigators to the perpetrators. The handlers count on victims not having tangible evidence to submit with their complaints of ESMC. Without proof of assault, of course, law enforcement has either the pretext not to investigate or finds little cause to investigate.

(d) Victims are reluctant to make complaints, as they have no proof of assault and cannot identity the assailants.

(e) Psychiatrists, doctors, and others in the medical community do not recognize the existence of ESMC. Indeed, if they acknowledge that patients who suffer ESMC are not paranoid schizophrenic, they then find themselves unable to treat those symptoms in the traditional psychiatric manner. Thus, they assume an ostrich stance.

(f) Law enforcement has been almost completely uncooperative.
Assault on the mind constitutes domestic terrorism; yet, the FBI and the entire intelligence and law enforcement community ignores that form of terrorism. In addition to committing terrorism, the criminals break dozens of other national, state, and local laws; yet, law enforcement refuses to intervene. Today tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of victims suffer from electronic stalking and mind control. Many have filed reports with the FBI and local law enforcements concerning their attacks without seeing any action taken.

Does the FBI know about ESMC and how it works? A resounding yes. A journalist in a July 2008 Yahoo news article wrote about visiting Guantanamo and interviewing some of the detainees. One of them was Omar Khadr, an Islamic Canadian who was only fifteen years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and brought there. Omar told the interviewer that he had lost both arms and both legs. He was perfectly physically sound. Interrogators and brain control experts from the CIA and other U. S. intelligence agencies had obviously taken control of his mind and had convinced him that he had no arms or legs.

The mind control handlers operate by remote. Thus, some type of instrument, or receiver/transmitter must be used to make contact with the victim’s brain. That radio may be a scanner, ham radio, or a clandestine radio station. Regardless of the type of radio, it must operate along a particular frequency, a frequency that can pick up the electromagnetic pulses of the human brain. That radio frequency must necessarily be blocked. If not, any listener could happen upon that frequency and hear the whisperings and other mind control operations of the handlers, blowing the entire operations. If it is indeed a blocked frequency, the local law enforcement, the FBI, and the FCAA have to know about and approve it. Since 9/11 the Federal Government has assiduously monitored all radio frequencies to prevent further terrorist attacks. It is an inescapable fact, then, that the Federal government has to know about electronic stalking and mind control.

I live in a rural area in Ouachita Parish (county) in north central Louisiana. In late 2006, not trusting the local authorities, I made a trip to the nearby city of Shreveport to seek out the FBI to make a complaint about the electronic stalking and mind control activities. I outlined verbally to one of the agents what was happening. I also gave the agent a CD with parts of my journal and my thoughts about those effects. In fairness to the agent, I must reveal that I also showed him several items from my house that my handlers had caused me to believe were bugged. Later, I realized that the “bugs” were simply part of the handlers’ mind control games. The agent asked only two questions: was I being blackmailed and was I homosexual? Naturally, I heard nothing else from that meeting. I visited that office a second time early in 2007 with the same result.

The refusal of the FBI to listen seriously to complainants and to investigate their claims indicts that agency. An electronic stalking victim whom I later met in person had also recurred to the FBI to complain. The agent to whom she made her complaint said with a grin, “makes you feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn, huh?” She stated that “He was quite aware of what I was experiencing.” That victim, a grandmother and a very soft spokened, almost timid person, had worked for a single company for thirty-five years and had retired. Like most victims, she lived alone. A policeman lived next door. The victim had no idea why she had been targeted.

For the sake of argument, let us consider that the FBI and local law enforcement just may be using electronic stalking and mind control to attempt to combat crime. If there is any element of truth in that conjecture, it is not supported by statistics. Crime continues to grow at an alarming rate. Moreover, our government is based on the principle of “due process of law” and justice for all, including drug smugglers, murderers, rapists, and others. An indictment of crime and a trial by jury are the cornerstones of our democracy. When law enforcement becomes the judge, jury, and executioner by using covert electronic torture on targets, they trample on those democratic principles.

I searched the internet for statistics concerning the categories of FBI investigations. The FBI has about 60 field offices and over 12,000 agents. It has divisions whose agents and clerical assistants continually investigate and surf the web for information on high-tech crimes. The internet is literally full of references to electronic stalking and mind control. Yet, I did not find a single reference to the FBI’s having investigated a single case of electronic stalking and mind control activities.

The FBI continually monitors and even infiltrates known organizations that promote and engage in domestic terrorism. It is ridiculous to consider that the FBI does not know about high-tech harassment, the instruments used, and how the instruments work. Moreover, the FBI, Secret Service, NSA, and other agencies share the responsibility for the overall protection of the President, Vice President, cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, and Congresspersons. It is absurd to think that those intelligence agencies do not know about electronic stalking and mind control, how to prevent it, and, once it is found, how to neutralize it.

The subject of electronic stalking and mind control remains taboo. The media will not touch that topic. Only on the internet, where data is still largely uncontrolled by the power brokers, can one find information of ESMC. In performing my research, I found countless accounts by and about victims of ESMC, and I corresponded with scores of those targeted individuals. Most of those correspondents appeared to be regular people whom one would expect to live next door. Many of them had braved the stigma of being labeled schizophrenic to complain to the FBI and their local law enforcement. Not a single case had led to an investigation.

Like the FBI, local level law enforcement has also been non-responsive to victims. There may be several reasons for that.

(1) Local law enforcement knows little if anything about electronic stalking and neurological assault. Officers on the local level very seldom receive training in high-tech crimes involving the human body. If they have received training, that instruction probably covered only the electronic effects and did not address the mind control element. In addition, most law enforcement officers, as well as the general public, simply cannot comprehend how twenty-first century technology can be utilized to invade the human mind and affect the human body.

(2) Victims can normally produce no hard evidence concerning their complaints, let alone identify their assailants. This, of course, gives law enforcement little to work with in pursuing the assailants.

(3) Victims are very reluctant to make complaints concerning neurological attacks for fear that they will be considered crazy and treated as such. Indeed, psychiatrists and others have convinced the world that persons who complain of electronic stalking and mind control must be textbook cases of paranoid-schizophrenia. I remained silent for three years after I knew what was happening for that same reason. When I finally did brave the stigma of being labeled crazy to present my complaints, surely enough the investigative officers apparently thought that I was crazy.

(4) Authorities are reluctant to publicize information in the media concerning electronic and neurological attacks, as many citizens would become alarmed for their safety. The difficulty in enforcing laws making citizens safe from high tech assault causes law enforcement to maintain silence. The assailants are quite aware of the authorities’ dilemma, and they exploit that weakness.

(5) In some cases, law enforcement may even knowingly permit and sometimes even abet and actively participate in those stalking activities. If not, they may have very good ideas about people and groups that might engage in electronic stalking without pursuing those ideas. It is no secret that law enforcement officials in many places have “protected” certain criminal elements either for money or other benefits or out of sympathy for those groups.

My experience with local law enforcement has been at best disappointing. After several years of enduring electronic stalking and mind control without having proof of it, I finally found that proof. Here is what happened. I read on the internet a victim’s advice that aluminum foil could ameliorate some of the effects of the ESMC. Thus, I placed heavy foil over the three windows of my bedroom. At night I could hear what sounded like puffs of air hitting against the foil, sounding much like rain drops falling on large plant leaves. After several weeks, I walked into the bedroom in the day time without turning on the light, and I was astonished to see literally hundreds of holes in the foil. Those holes ranged from pin size to perhaps a forth of an inch diameter. The smaller holes seemed to be perfectly round; some of the larger holes were jagged.

I prepared a written complaint to submit to the sheriff’s office. Before I had time to print out the complaint, however, the stalkers, who have access to my computer, changed the date from January 14, 2008 to November 14, 2008 to make me look crazy. Fortunately, in scanning the report before I submitted it, I caught that alteration and changed the date by hand.

On that same day, I presented the written complaint of electronic stalking to the local sheriff’s office without mentioning the mind control element for obvious reasons. When the duty officer asked the nature of my complaint, I told him. He immediately, without blinking an eye, told me that the only way stalkers could bother me electronically was in touching me with something like a Tazer. Instead of telling him to eat s--t, as I was inclined to do, I kept quiet and insisted on talking with an investigative officer.

The duty officer’s remark, though impertinent and uninformed, was revealing. He had apparently been instructed by higher-ups to give that policy statement answer to anybody complaining of electronic harassment. That means that other citizens had previously complained about the same topic!

The duty officer assigned a junior parole officer who had recently begun working with the office to take my complaint. That officer promised to write up a report and pass my complaint to the investigative section. A few days later an investigative officer, with an assistant, did indeed arrive at my house. I showed them the holes. The officers asked no questions and made no comments. Nor did they request a sample of the foil for forensic examination. I never heard anything else from those deputies. Still more strangely, the lead detective who visited me later received a promotion from sergeant to lieutenant.

Once again, in February, 2008, I was harassed non-electronically by persons riding four-wheelers at one o’clock in the morning in front of my house and shouting. I live at the end of an obscure dirt lane with a field on one side and a pasture on the other side. When I presented the second written complaint, the sheriff’s office asked me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, threatening to obtain a court order to force me to do so. Although I knew that they could not easily do that, I agreed to the evaluation but on my own terms. I later underwent the psychiatric evaluation as well as a good physical examination in another city. Both examinations proved me very fit. After my going to much trouble and expense in getting the examinations, the sheriff’s office has consistently refused my requests for meetings.

When I could not get a meeting with the sheriff’s office, on June 10, 2008 I sent a certified letter to the state attorney general’s office, asking that office to investigate the ESMC activities. I have both my mailing receipt as well as the initialed delivery confirmation from that office. I never heard from that office.

In my correspondence with other victims, I learned that in case after case they had asked for help from the FBI, state, and local law enforcement and had received none. Some of those victims even stated that policemen and other law officers later moved into houses and apartments near them. In all of my communication, I never found a victim whose case was investigated. In my case, although an investigator came to view the proof of ESMC, he never filed a report, obviously never investigated, and refused to meet with me afterward.

Let us review our seventh grade civics. On all three levels of government – national, state, and local – there are three branches, the executive, judiciary, and the legislative. The legislative branch passes the laws, the judiciary interprets them, and the executive enforces them. Law enforcement belongs to the executive branch on all three levels.

Most of the higher officials in the executive branch, including law enforcement on the state and local levels, are elected by the people. Thus, if law enforcement is indeed a part of the ESMC conspiracy, they are using public funding to harass private citizens. In other words, the taxpaying victims are not only unprotected by law enforcement but they are also helping to finance their own torture.

The stand-back, hands-off position of the FBI and local law enforcement is understandable only when one considers that they themselves may be involved in electronic assault and mind control activities. It is hard to imagine that the entire FBI and the entire staff at local police and sheriff offices might be involved in ESMC. It is much more likely that renegade elements in the FBI latched onto a highly secret neurological weapon and now share that process with selected renegade officers in local law enforcement. Ask yourself the following questions.

(01) Who would have the equipment to carry out electronic assault?
(02) Who would have the knowledge about how to use that equipment for ESMC?
(03) Who would have a ready opportunity to use the equipment?
(04) Who can communicate through a network that allows them national coverage?
(05) Who has the authority to investigate people and obtain their personnel files?
(06) Who has the financial resources required to buy the equipment, procure the handlers, train those people, and pay them for their services 24/7?
(07) Who has the technical expertise to train handlers in electronic stalking and mind control activities?
(08) Who has secure facilities where extra-legal records on the targets and information gathered on the targets can be kept?
(09) Who has the authority and funding to send hundreds of investigators into the field to conduct interviews with people who know the targets and record those interviews.
(10)) Who has the connections to pursue victims from city to city, state to state, and country to country as they seek to escape the effects of ESMC?
(11) Who can best start rumor campaigns and spread misinformation about the targets?
(12) Who can prevent investigations by law enforcement into complaints of ESMC?
(13) Who can encourage the medical and scientific communities to maintain silence on ESMC and psychiatrists to label victims paranoid-schizophrenic without looking further into the subject? (14) Who can summon the assistance of telephone companies, public utility companies, and internet providers in tapping phones and hacking computers of victims?
(15) Who can command the cooperation of the post office and the package delivery services into misdirecting and interfering otherwise with the victims’ correspondence?
(16) Who has the human resources to fill the internet with lies, misleading material, and deceptive information on electronic stalking and mind contro?
(17) Who has the equipment and the capability of tracking a person with his home or any other structure and pinpointing any place on that person’s body?
(18) Who has the means to intimidate neighbors into ostrazising a victim in his own neighborhood?
(19) Who has the power to direct the resources of the IRS, ATF, and other agencies on the targets?
(20) Who has the capability of gaining access to the targets financial records and credit reports? (21) Who has the clout to silence Congresspersons, especially the Committee Chairpersons, from ordering a national inquiry into widespread and increasing allegations of ESMC?
(22) Who has the capability to garner the cooperation of all ethnic groups against a target?
(23) Who can make certain that no ESMC complaint is submitted on local law enforcement’s monthly crime report?
(24) Who has the influence to keep any mention of ESMC out of local newspapers?
(25) Who has the authority to issue policy statements denying that electronic assault even exists?
(26) Who has unlimited human resources to do the work?
(27) Who can legally block out frequencies over the air?
(28) Who can subsidize the rent of policemen and other local law enforcement to rent an apartment or house next to yours?

If you answered “Law Enforcement” to all twenty-eight of those questions, you are correct.
Electronic stalking and mind control cannot exist without the knowledge of the FBI and other Federal intelligence gathering agencies. That hints of a vast and widespread conspiracy that must necessarily include local law enforcement. That conspiracy is secret, well organized, and thoroughly implemented. Many of the conspiracies are tied to influential groups and outwardly respectable organizations. Four main points stand out:

(1) Electronic stalking and mind control pervades the United States of America, targeting victims that represent the entire population make-up;

(2) Conspiracy and secrecy are key elements in those activities;

(3) Perpetrators of that electronic stalking and mind control conspiracy operate on national, state, and local levels;

(4) Many of those conspiracies operate under the protection of or with the acquiescence of law enforcement on all levels of government.

Electronic stalking can be carried out by many people and groups, using home-made or altered devices and equipment that can be easily purchased. However, mind control is quite another activity, which requires high-tech equipment, a great deal of organization, intensive training, utter secrecy, and the ability to operate from afar. Amateurs can carry out electronic stalking; only highly trained technicians can carry out mind control.

It is highly likely that the FBI and other national agencies in the intelligence community monopolize the means, equipment, and techniques of mind control. I believe that Federal operations centers scattered around the United States, perhaps at military bases and facilities, perform the actions required to take control of victims’ brains. They then “patch in” secondary, or local, handlers, perhaps by radio, to do the actual mind control work. Only the FBI and other Federal agencies that practice covert mind espionage could keep secret widespread mind control operations that include so many victims.

What can victims do to halt electronic stalking and mind control activities, apprehend the cowardly perverts who carry it out, and punish them and their accomplices?

(1) Record the handlers’ actions and your thoughts about them. Those thoughts will change over time as you learn increasingly more about your handlers. Their ESMC tactics will also change, becoming increasingly more complex as their go through their repertory of capabilities. It is very important for you to describe the perverts’ electronic and mind control actions accurately and to record in great detail the sensations that you feel and your reactions to those actions. Record the time that particular actions by the handlers occur. You may see a pattern in the timing. Their actions will normally occur in the evening while you sleep, as you present an immobile target for them. Keep a flashlight, watch, notepad, and pen underneath your pillow or nearby to record those actions.

(2) Be observant. Watch people, places, and objects carefully. Record your reactions when you see anything that looks even slightly odd. Be careful not to set yourself up for the handlers’ electronic and mind control activities. Usually ESMC leaves no evidence. The handlers, of course, count on your not having proof. Videotape anything that happens out of the ordinary: blinking lights, anomalies in your emails, etc. Record any unusual sounds: loud noises that occur in the house, etc.

(3) Remember precedents. Think back over previous events and actions. You had to have been targeted at some point in time. By recalling people and occasions, you will probably get a very good idea about when, by whom, and how you were targeted.

(4) Thwart the efforts of the handlers and defy them. As time goes on, you will see that certain actions on your part affect the capabilities of the handlers. Make their lives as miserable as they attempt to make yours by causing them to go to extra trouble to manipulate you. Stay alert. The handlers will attempt to make you do irrational things by whispering instructions and suggestions into your brains. Know this. Give much thought to your actions because of that.
Remember that one of the major objectives of the handlers is to make you look crazy.

(5) Submit written complaints to local law enforcement. Get the complete name of the officer to whom you submit your report. It is very important that the reports be presented in narrative so that YOU can word the complaint like you wish. Otherwise, the person with whom you are talking will write it the way HE/SHE wants to. Ask the officer to whom you submit your complaint to sign it. Others have done this and the officers have refused. If the officer refuses to sign, record that in your notes. Let him see you doing it.

(6) Contact your Representatives and Senators in writing. It is important that your correspondence be in writing (emails or letters), as their employees may include an accomplice “plant” who will not record and advise higher advisors of telephone calls. In addition, send copies of your letters to local and state officials, particularly the sheriff’s office and the attorney general’s office. Unless overwhelming pressure is laid on the backs of leadership, nothing will be done. Congresspersons, themselves being protected, are probably blithely unaware of electronic stalking and mind control and the possible involvement by national and local law enforcement. They cannot ignore thousands of letters of complaint. There is strength in numbers, and the number of victims is growing every day.

(7) Join with other victims in requesting investigations into ESMC by the U. N. Commission on Human Rights and other appropriate national and international organizations. Organizations such as the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and other national organizations involved in human rights will not be helpful. ESMC is being carried out all over the world. It proliferates at an alarming speed. John Finch , an Australian victim, collects case summaries of worldwide victims to submit to the U. N. He now has hundreds of those names and summaries and others are pouring into his website. He can be contacted at the following email address:

The government on all levels in the United States of America has failed to protect its citizens. I used to be the type American whose eyes welled with tears whenever he heard the Star Spangled Banner. I was raised to revere the government. I no longer feel that loyalty to my government. My government has not only abandoned me but has very probably also targeted me and performed electronic and neurological torture on me.

This narrative is a summary of much research material on the subject of electronic stalking and mind control. If in condensing the material I left out a salient fact or failed to make a statement clear, you may contact me at

Nicholas Kirkland

Sunday, August 3, 2008

See The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Mind control means you loss your privacy, you are living under social microscope inside and outside of your home, and your behavior experience either positive or negative reinforcement by a group of people who execute this covert program. In most cases your free will, your free choice of your way of life and even your private behavior is being monitored and controlled by such that if you behaved outside of the social 'conformity', you are being harassed by this network that consists of people from all walks of lives, such as police, fire fighters, rescue workers, and even taxi drivers, mail delivering men, waste management truck drivers, the landlords and etc. Their harassing activities are subtle and psychological in nature with plausible deniability, only the victims are fully aware of such hidden evil, however being denied the opportunity to complaint. This is a behavioral control program, a mind war imposed on the targeted individuals who are made not to be believed if they try to complaint about this harassment. This type of harassment is designed to undermine the victims sanity, and further to discredit them.

Mind control has thousands of years history. It existed ever since human history started. Pschoanalysis of the targeted individuals plays a role in the covert activity. That is why almost all the mind control victims are under covert surveillance. Your behavior 7/24 are under monitoring. Some victims would think their thoughts are being invaded and actually being read. Most victims are even aware they are under fake and illegal investigation because they were hinted by coded language or directed conversation. However, if you ask the question in open, they would completely deny the hidden meaning. This tactic is to create confusion, or to be exact, to turn your mind into a battle field, and create hypersensitive state in the mind of the victims. This tactic is enough to alter victims' perception of the reality, and make them look paranoid and crazy.

But if you can detect and resist to play with such mind control game , and expose their hidden agenda, eventually you will get out of the dark tunnel and see the bright day sky. Knowledge and experience is power. Empower yourself with years of personal observation, and careful response. Focus your attention to the big goal, and grasp any opportunity to disappoint the perps with their calculated setups. You will get out of the long and dark tunnel sooner or later.

Like a patient who had too many different kind of diseases, eventually he/she would become a doctor himself/herself. Every human life has a value, and has a meaning. You are the one to determine your destiny, not by the perpetrators. Live well and live out a true life meaning.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prejudice and Victimization Goes Hand in Hand.

My Behavior and my words always experiences extra scrutiny, and it is often the case being interpreted in the wrong way. Even my good will, caring words and intention to help could be taken as potential "threats". I started to wonder what the hell had happened in this world? People seem not even have a reasonable judgment to tell the right and wrong. Or is it actually a victimization process that sets me off down the road to that direction?

Being abused for number of years, I feel lucky that I am still alive and healthy both physically and mentally. God gave me the strength to experience and survive the social injustice and psychological violence, and built me into a much stronger woman. But when I saw good people also treated me with prejudice, I feel deeply hurt, and hurt so bad ...

Prejudice often comes from deep misperception and defamation. Victimization follows as a result. The same trip repeats itself in my life over and over again for the past three years, and now in my new company that I've just joined for a couple of months seems to follow the suit.

A very strange phenomenon here I want to point out: people and society as a whole holds a negative attitude, and always trying to find fault to each other in it members. Notice or not, when good things being done, few people even want to mention them, however the majority always look for problems to blame. This world has changed, less and less love remains, but more and more bullying, nit-pickings and even victimization are seen everywhere.

I have been targeted for psychological torture for number of years now. Through my personal experience, I witness some negative aspects of human nature. Without life exposure to this dark side of society, people's vision is quite limited. Now I don't blame people too much for their pettiness and narrow-minded behavior, I will have to let it go calmly. This has become my survivial motto.

A casual conversation during lunch time could be picked on as an incident of "threat nature" made me totally speechless. Caring advice and reaching out to help are perceived as verbal assault nature. I am totally lost in this world.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paranoia myth is a powerful tool used by the NSA.

I would like to introduce this article from alt.mindcontrol news group. This article is from an email message, it is not my work. I posted the article here as knowledge for the public, especially for the mind control victims.

From alt.mindcontrolSubject: The NSA and Mind Control--Pt. 3
Date: 20 Aug 1999 08:59:29 GMT


1. Paranoia is a powerful tool used by the NSA. It provides a means to develop the subject’s distrust of other people including the subject’s primary group that could provide positive support during this time of distress in the subject's life. Paranoia is often recognized and discounted as a character fault by most peoples in American society and therefore discredits the subject’s testimony even further. Uninformed, but well wishing people including friends, may recommend to the subject to pursue counseling. This negative feedback can make the subject fear that people will believe the subject iscrazy.

2. When the subject seeks professional counseling, the result will be a misdiagnosis with an expensive, inappropriate and ineffective treatment. The observed symptoms result from simply hypnosis, not biological, chemical, or environmental stresses. A misdiagnosis strongly motivates the subject not to communicate their experiences to others to avoid social disgrace of a "schizophrenia" label and additional financial burden. This isolation of the subject and their reluctance to communicate their experience to others reduces NSA security risk. The NSA cannot allow the subject to share information with other subjects that have already experienced the program and thereby starting a pool of information that could be compiled and used to expose the NSA system.

3. The subject is led to believe that the subject's neighbors, work associates and/or family are conspiring against the subject through a number of scripts delivered to the subject by the NSA. The NSA can further complicate the conspiracy delusion by using the same technology to have a work associate ask the subject a question or to make a comment that can be used by the NSA to confirm the subjects fears. This technique further isolates the subject from trusting their peer groups, causes additional emotional distress and hostility toward these people. The subject sometimes resorts to violent behavior, which is viewed by observers as irrational, unprovoked behavior that may be treated as criminal behavior by law enforcement personnel.

Stage 3 (Extreme Process):

1. This method is very severe and usually results in a two to five year program. Because of the severity of the suffering, the subject is usually permanently impaired for integration into normal mainstream life and is essentiallyi nstitutionalized. The result is that the subject must reside in a less competitive environment like a church group. Subjects that receive this program tend to be highly superstitious, are agitated easily when objective evidence that contradicts their belief system is presented. They tend to believe in the spiritual world (demons, ghosts, god, spiritual entities, etc) and consider the spiritual world to be more powerful and important than the material or real world. This program basically follows the following steps; REM deprivation, breakdown of self esteem and confidence, intense suffering, exaggerated conscience, spiritual contact, reborn in Jesus Christ, Spiritual battle, release (saved by the Savior), and recovering (blessed by Jesus Christ). Whenever possible the NSA will skip or reduce these steps to minimize security risk and financial cost.

Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol:

1. As the REM Deprivation increases the subject must depend on Central Nervous System (CNS) Stimulants to compensate for degradation of productivity at work, school, and in interpersonal relationships. This serves the NSA in several ways. Use of drugs (especially CNS stimulants) increases the subject's index of suggestibility. Or in other words, the post hypnotic commands are more effective and the subject has greater difficulty resisting the impulses generated by the commands. In addition, the increased stress of coping with the drugs in conjunction with the resisting the newly introduced post hypnotic commands serves to push the subject closer to an emotional breakdown. If the subject uses illegal drugs, the NSA tries to set the subject up for a conviction to get assure that the subject looses credibility. Who would believe a drug user that claimed that he/she was being harassed by a government agency that was tormenting them with hypnosis? It also serves the NSA in the program by documenting something that the subject will be ashamed of when the program reaches the exaggerated conscience stage.

2. Alcohol, sleeping pills and other medications also inhibit REM Stage sleep and increase irritability over time thereby further degrading and isolating the subject.

3. In summary, the NSA benefits from the subject responding to the REM Deprivation assault withself-medication. This response discredits the subject by labeling them in society as a drug user, it enhances the effect of the implanted post hypnotic commands and it gives the subject a reason for shame that will be used against the subject later to justify the punishment from "God". It should be noted that the subject is not really guilty of anything, except being a victim that was manipulated in a carefully controlled scientific behavior modification process.

Poor Nutrition:

The poor nutrition reduces the energy the subject has and serves later as another justification of God's punishment. The subject will be taught later that "the body is the temple" and that to abuse it is to violate God's will.


After the subject's self-esteem is broken down and continuing failure and persistent suffering start to dominate every day, the individual becomes apathetic as a defense mechanism. At this stage the subject has committed another sin of "not persevering through faith" which is later used on the subject later to increase a feeling of guilt.


Depression precipitates as a result of chronic REM Sleep Deprivation, social isolation and a feeling of helplessness in the subject. Commonly, when the subject seeks professional counseling, they are misdiagnosed and treated for depression with medications but the root cause of the problem (negativere inforcing post hypnotic suggestions inflicted over long periods of time) is not treated or corrected.


The subject starts to experience severe insecurity in this stage. The NSA uses this insecurity against the subject in several ways. Because of the impaired reasoning ability and emotional isolation, the subject is susceptible to the approaches of insincere people, which are used by the NSA to emotionally hurt the subject more. This allows the NSA to convince the subject that people can't be trusted and that only the NSA (Jesus) can be trusted. This serves to isolate the subject from supportive peer groups and makes the subject emotionally dependent on the NSA resulting in the NSA gaining more power in the subject's life.

Journals and Diaries:

Most of the subjects are directed to keep a "Journal" or diary by the NSA so that the subject can record and review feelings, events, observations, and"God’s directions" that normally would be unavailable due to short term memory loss during extended periods of REM Deprivation. The NSA uses the Subject’s Journals in a variety of ways.

Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance:

Subjects in these prolonged stages of REM deprivation, confusion, and emotional distress, have very poor grammar, spelling, and short attentionspans.

Slowed Speech:

Subjects experience slower speech and have a greater time articulating concise points as a result of the REM Deprivation and other performance degrading post hypnotic commands. Very slight alcohol consumption can exasperate the damage of REM Deprivation and precipitate slurred speech.


Confusion results from three primary sources; REM Deprivation, specific post hypnotic commands to reinforce the confusion, and the emotional damage and stress that is being inflicted. The confusion allows the NSA to continuously inflict damage to the subject's life without real-time observation. A confused person generally is not as productive as an organized clear thinker is and has a greater potential to offend people by what they say or do and is less likelyto recognize when they have made mistakes. All of these symptoms assist the NSA’s objectives in this stage and subsequent stages. In addition, the confusion restricts the individual from analyzing the source of their suffering and taking corrective actions, and therefore reduces the NSA's security risk.

Poor Concentration:

Difficulty concentrating impairs the subject's productivity and restrains the subject from making self-improvements and corrections in behavior. It makes it very difficult for the subject to do any research or reading to evaluatehis/her condition. This paves the way for the NSA to demonstrate that the subject cannot do anything on their own without "God", thereby increasing the frustration and anxiety of the subject (inducing emotional breakdown) and ultimately making the subject totally dependant on the will of God.

Loose Association and Personality Disorders:

The subject experiences disjointed thought at this stage (Loose Association) that appears to observers as a strange sense of humor or inappropriate responses when engaging in conversations. Ongoing sarcasm and other negative attitudes and undesirable personality traits can be present.


The way that the subject experiences anger is of profound importance. If the subject allows the NSA to redirect the increasing anger and hostilities towardthe NSA to another person in the form of violence (misplaced aggression), the NSA will reinforce the violent behavior with post hypnotic commands. The result is a person that can achieve national acclaim as a murderer that heard voices of Satan directing him/her. Typically, the Subject is encouraged to commit acts of violence with spouses, friends, or employers resulting in further social isolation and increased shame. Some examples of NSA directed victims of misplaced aggression include recent US Postal Workers whom work within the Postal Service. This is one of the vial "communication intercept" channels the NSA is directed to monitor. The routes of suspect mail and the postal worker processing it are continuously monitored by NSA. Sometimes the NSA ODO takes issue with a Postal Worker and harasses them or subjects the postal worker to behavioral modification.


Delusions are used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for fear, intimidation and confusion. Delusions can be but are not limited to the Subject developing conspiracy theories of fellow employees and friends, beliefs that Angels or Demons are communicating or visiting them, tingling sensations from microwave guns or implants, beliefs in supernatural events, etc.

Audio Hallucinations:

1. Subjects often report hearing walls clicking, footsteps in the house, thesound of someone trying to open the door, drilling at the door, etc.

2. These audio hallucinations are also used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for paranoia, fear, and negative reinforcement.

Voices in the Subject's Mind:

The voices in the subject's mind are achieved in a variety of ways using real-time and prescheduled post hypnotic suggestion deliveries, and Noun Substitution implant techniques.

Noun Substitution Posthypnotic Implant:

The subject can have a post hypnotic suggestion implanted that changes the form of pronouns in the subject's internal thinking. The result is the subject perceives that someone is telling him/her to do something with nearly every thought. An example is; the subject thinks, "I should go to church today". With the noun substitution post hypnotic suggestion the subject experiences the following internal thought, "You should go to church today!" Notice that by implanting the post hypnotic command into the subject's subconscious mind to think the pronoun "You" instead of "I" the subject will perceive that they are being directed by a voice even though the majority of the internal thought content is their own naturally occurring thought. This subconscious implant can be used in combination with other implants to increase the subject's perception of threat, fear, and therefore paranoia. It can be used with other post hypnotic suggestion implants that will give the subject the perception of either a"good" or "evil" voice or spirit is directing him/her. This implant is powerful because it gives the subject the perception that the spirit, angel, God or Holy Spirit knows and directs the subject's every thought. It provides a convincing proof that "God knows every thought of his children". Subjects that don't havea superstitious frame of reference and seek professional help are usually misdiagnosed as schizophrenic.

Tinnitus (Ear Ringing):

Tinnitus is commonly reported by subjects harassed by the NSA and typicallyhas no pharmacological or biochemical basis and is produced by a post hypnotic suggestion. It is often misdiagnosed as ringing caused by excessive aspirin use and is actually an audio hallucination triggered by hypnosis.

Complete Quiet Silence:

Used by the NSA as a positive reinforcement for two general reasons; the subject has the tinnitus removed to indicate that the subject has "The Lord’s Peace Restored", and secondly, the subject has achieved a milestone toward being released by God (the NSA).

Quiet Wind:

The audio hallucination of a quiet wind is used to convince the subject that the Holy Spirit is visiting him/her. An excellent example of this hallucination combined with the fear that accompanies it is contained in Phil Collin’s lyrics of a song that has the chorus "I can get so scared, Listen to the wind".

Visual Hallucinations:

1. Visual hallucinations are usually implanted in the waking moments when a subject is coming out of sleep or is in a somnambulatory state (light sleep) preferably in a darkened room. The hallucinations are fleeting, usually lasting less than one minute and are not durable. Typical hallucinations reported by subjects are Angels, large spiders, and movement of various shadowy objects across the ceiling, bright spot of light ahead of the subject, etc.

2. The television show "Sightings" has had numerous reports of people seeing "Aliens"at waking moments. These types of news accounts create confusion in US societyand serve to keep people searching for the wrong phenomenon thus keeping the NSA's technology secure (disinformation).

Tactile, Olfactory hallucinations and Muscle Spasms:

Tactile hallucinations can be more durable and are used to communicate adesired direction to the subject typically after a real-time interrogation. Typical behavioral cues issued by the NSA are manifested in the form of:

1. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right index finger (symbolizing Faith or have Faith).
2. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the left index finger (symbolizing no Faith or "deception of Satan").
3. Temporary sensation of pressure to the center of the right palm (symbolizing Jesus "Sitting at the right-hand of God").
4. Temporary sensation of pressure to the ball of the right foot (symbolizing "Get on the Ball" or "hurry-up").
5. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right foot big toe (symbolizing "Right Direction").
6. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tipof the right foot center toe (symbolizing "Fucking-up Direction").
7. Temporarysensation of pressure to the tip of the left foot big toe (symbolizing "WrongDirection").
8. Temporary sensation of pressure to the buttocks (symbolizing"Bad Attitude" or "subject is acting like an ass").
9. Temporary sensation of pressure on tip of penis or clitoris (symbolizes immoral thoughts like subjectis thinking/acting with his penis or her clitoris).
10. Temporary sensation of pressure to the left ear drum (symbolizing "do not listen").
11. Temporary sensation of pressure to the right ear drum (symbolizing "listen").
12. Aninvoluntary blink of the right or left eye (symbolizing: right eye = God’sagreement or left eye = Satan’s agreement).
13. Temporary tingling sensation on the Testicles (symbolizing insufficient male confidence or "Having no balls orstrength").
14. Temporary tingling on other areas of the body to imply that something invisible and/or supernatural is touching the subject. May be perceived as threatening or reassuring to the subject. Can be used to intimidate and confuse the subject often times combined with additional post hypnotic implants to inflict delusions like "being attacked with microwaves" or being caressed by Angels.
15. Muscular spasm or perceived pressures near the jugular vein on right side of neck (symbolizing Satan having subject by Jugular or throat). This is used to inflict fear and doubt.
16. Muscular spasms are sometimes used to inflict severe pain on the subject by causing extreme involuntary contraction of the sphincter in the anal region or other lower back or leg muscles.
17. Perceived odor sensation of a thick, sweet smell (symbolizing Satan’s sweet victory over the subject’s soul).

This section is written in an attempt to provide interested individuals with some of the considerations and precautions when seeking to demonstrate the NSA’s civil rights abuses by demonstrating the effectiveness and concepts of subliminal access using Subliminal Implanted Post hypnotic Suggestions and Scripts, using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Post hypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject.

Reverse engineering of the NSA’s technology to prove it’s abuses against the American people is quite difficult. Consider the following.

If the scientists and technicians perform their research in a facility that the NSA has the standard transceivers installed, and therefore the NSA can influence the direction of research or the data by effecting perceptual effects in the researchers. These perceptual effects can be confusion, lack of attention to important details, oversights, bad assumptions, incorrect interpretation of the test data. These same misperceptions will also be incorporated into the research test subjects. The technology cannot be developed and optimized if theNSA has any access to the test subjects. The test scripts given to the test subject delivered from the researcher can be neutralized by the NSA deliveringa canceling script immediately after the researcher’s script. The NSA’s test script can also include a hypnoamnesia script at the end to cancel any residual perception in the subject so that the test subject would report no effects and the researcher would conclude the test script had no effect.

The research must be carried out in a facility secured from all NSA electronic intrusion. All equipment in the facility must be TEMPEST protected and electrically isolated from the outside world. The research personnel and their subjects must never leave the secured area of the facility so that they cannot be subliminally interrogated by the NSA. The NSA would take this opportunity to deliver disinformation scripts to the subject or researcher. Foodstuffs and supplies would be the logical choice of NSA intrusion if all other security measures were effective against the NSA.

The NSA will exploit all opportunities to introduce microscopic transceivers into the facility of it’s surrounding grounds. The minimal requirements for the NSA to take control of the research are:
1. NSA audio delivery (a micro receiver with a micro speaker)
2. Visibility ofthe targets (researcher or test subject) to capture response labels during subliminal interrogations. This can be through normal illumination or infrared to see through window, or millimeter wave or other technologies that can see through barriers like walls and ceilings.
3. Audible response labels can be used if the NSA has a micro receiver with a micro speaker inside but cannot get at ransmitter in and operating without detection. Sneezes, coughs, clearing of throat that can be picked up by laser microphones, audible amplification microphones, etc. can also be used as response labels.
4. The NSA currently has satellites with millimeter wave technology that will allow visible intrusion into most facilities. The test facilities should be deep underground, AKA 1000 feet with no adjacent access from other facilities, sewer lines, water lines or power conduits etc.
5. Any facilities existing will have to be debugged before habitation and research begins.
6. Subjects must be able to be subjected to traditional hypnosis after facility habitation as a test prior to research to assure that the NSA has minimal scripts already implanted.
7. This technology is the highest level of intelligence gathering for the USA.The abuses resulting from mismanagement of this area of the NSA’s intelligence system must force Congress to legislate additional laws to protect the citizens. The NSA must regulate this system better. The NSA will take all necessary steps without limit to assure that this technology is preserved and autonomously under their control.
8. Conclusion: America’s greatest and highest level intelligence asset is being mismanaged and the mis-management must be corrected before all the Enemies of our great country acquire it. Imagine if China had this technology to use on their defenseless population?
9. May God help us all in protecting the American public and preserving and managing this vital technology’s vital potential to serve America’s National Security.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ron Paul announces the march on YouTube!

Can you feel the momentum building? Dr. Ron Paul has made a YouTube video about the march and posted it to his Campaign for Liberty Blog. Please favorite the video on YouTube and check out his blog.

We are just under budget for the march, please donate at:
Thanks for all of your support, we are excited to see you on July 12!

Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If power corrupts, it corrupts absolutely

It is sad that law enforcement wears a lawful hat, so everything they do are taken for granted by the law bidding citizens. But if you know the truth, you will feel at what degree you are being betrayed by the so called law enforcement. And your tax money is being abused of a certain proportion to insitgate the socical injustice and psychological terror by those who wear uniform.

I would ask you to do your own research and pay a little attention to the law enforcement for what they do on daily basis, especially for the fire trucks. When they abuse their sirens and red flash light, it casts severe negative influence in citizen's mind. It polutes the harmonious environment, and peace of mind of the urban citizens. It disturbs the overall living condition of the city. It created tension and uncomfortable feeling. If you do observe them, most of the cases, their sirens and red flash lights are false alarm, and unnecessarily and over exaggerately used. However, the public would always think there would be some emergency. That's why we are foolishly betrayed by those unlawful law enforcement. I say this not because I am against them. I say this to save them, their credibility and their authoritative image because they put themselves on the opposite side of the general public. They ignored the law, and ignored the interest of the public. Their behavioral made them a terrible monster. It is a fact that a lot of complaints against fire trucks for their terrorizing stalking activities throughout the North America after 911 attack.

I speak this based on my personal experience. I have been targeted by those monsters for no legitimate reason. It is quite possible that they do this for fun. They don't have enough work to do, and go stalking people, and created street theatre to harass weman. I might be just one of the weman on their list. Don't think I am making nonsense here. I don't have time to do this. This is from years' observation of the fire trucks activities and their irrational behavior.

This afternoon at around 2:00 pm, while everybody was working in the office, the fire drill went off suddenly. There was no any fire condition in the building. Upon hearing the fire drill, everybody was required to get out of the building immediately. This is nothing new to me since every workplace that I worked had this happened. Every apartment where I lived had this happened. Coincidence is out of the question, this is a deliberate setup, meant to harass a person.

But the sad thing is good people do nothing to stop this illegal behavioral. Good people don't even question this illegal behavior. Not to question the bad behavior is to empower them. Many people don't understand the consequence of their silence. That's how police used teaser over and over again to harm innocent citizens without holding the accountability. Fire trucks continue to perform illegal stalking and psychological harassment without being exposed. The general public continue to be fooled and their tax money being abused.

Wake up, the law bidding citizens, if not for your own sake, for the sake of our next generation. Our constitutional rights have been stolen away from us, and if not stop this power corruption, we are heading to the police state, a total slavery by the new facists.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Game, Great spirits

NBA Champaign game comes to an end tonight. Boston Celtics won the game. To me, this is not about Boston, but about the excellent players like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet.

Paul Pierce stays in Celtics for so long, and most of the years, they didn’t even get into playoff. However, he stays and worked so hard to strive for win. Today, he is rewarded.

Ray Allen has such consistent performance in the past years he played, and played every year with upmost efforts, today he is rewarded.

Kevin Garnet is such an outstanding player that few players can match, though never had luck to win the NBA Champaign for such a long time. Tonight he is rewarded. He can’t hold his emotion when the reporter interviewed him. I am also moved and almost into tears to see him let out his inner most feelings.

Their great performance brought incredible entertainment value to the audience for every minute they were in the floor, and their team work spirits moved every single soul who watched them. I can’t help thinking if our everyday life is operated the same way, this world would be much better off than what we really have now.

Whenever I saw beautiful things in this world, it reminded me of the horrible experience when I worked for my government employer. Those government gangsters are more like animals than human beings. They are senseless and heartless creatures. I can’t think of anything else than racists they really are. This is so called corporate culture. That ugly culture is gangster or mafia culture, nothing more and nothing less. The corrupted government can never bring good things to this world, but soft killing and moral corruption.

I am lucky that I got chance to see the beautiful side of this world now. Honest people, hard working and respect. The civilization of mankind has always been moving forward, with some setback, but never stopped.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The life of a targeted individual

To be a targeted individual, some times life could be very interesting.

It happened so frequently that as I approached to the elevator in my apartment, the door would open automatically for me, but nobody was inside, and I haven't pressed the button yet.

When I mentioned that my office workstation name is xxxxx41, the next day, a police patrol car with a number 41 drove alongside with me. Coincidence? Hard to say.

I ordered furniture to be delivered to my home. In the afternoon that day when I expected a call from the delivery guy, my phone line became dead. I didn't get the call.

The delivery of the funiture didn't come till 9:45 pm in the evening, and the deliver guys refused to help put it up. However, the sales man promised to have all the things taken care of.

I have to deal with these six boxes of funiture all by myself. While I was assemble all the pieces together, I got three advertising phone calls within half hour. Coincidence? or Invasion of privacy.

The list would go on and on. But these were what happened within last week or so. I am under illegal surveillance, but have no way of knowing who are they, and why they want to make my life harder.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stalking (covert surveillance) / eharassment

Covert surveillance always come together with harassment, even electronic harassment to serve its purpose. This purpose is to torture. I believe this is an ongoing experiment conducted on targeted individuals of various background, race and age groups in all over the world.

Back to work for a month, the sleep deprivation seems to be turned on to me again. In recent days, it is getting worse and worse. But I don't have anything to worry in my mind. I don't have the whole picture of this secret torture, but I can be sure it is some sort of electronic harassment that kept me awake.

Targeted individuals in Europe are going to hold "THE STRASBOURG DEMONSTRATION" at THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, July 7 & 8, please see the information attached here.


JULY 7TH: in front of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BUILDING in Rue du Levant at 9.30 a.m JULY 8TH: in front of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL BUILDING in Avenue de l'Europe at 10 a.m

Dear friends,

My fellow-victims and myself are sending this message to the four corners of the world. Even if you cannot come to "THE STRASBOURG DEMONSTRATION" at THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, July 7 & 8 we are sending you this message to make you aware of the problem – please send this message everywhere!!

Dear Victims and People of the World,

We, the organizers of The Strasbourg Demonstration, ask all victims and those who feel concerned by PSYCHOPHYSICAL TERRORISM AND THE INHUMANE TORTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS to take part in this very important event for all mankind.

An event of this kind may not be granted to us a second time! Everyone knows that we have already dedicated many years of our life to the hard fight against violence and terrorism, and this must be regarded as our real chance together. These are secret and brutal crimes against innocent people in many countries of Europe and the world.

There is a huge number of facts, which confirms the military-medical experiments on peaceful citizens carried out for decades, with PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS, without the consent of the people. The houses of irreproachable citizens are being secretly transformed into testing-grounds for PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS.

The victims of these atrocious experiments and their families are forced to live under these conditions of psychophysical and social terror. These so-called "Non Lethal Weapons" or "Less Lethal Weapons" have dreadful effects and can be used to endanger the life of every individual, of the entire population of a state and of the whole world. The consequences of their application are far more serious than the ones of all known weapons of mass destruction. They can combine all the inhumane aspects of the most barbaric weapons of mass destruction. Apart from the harm caused to a human being's body, secret manipulation and the control of the human mind, and thoughts and behaviour is also possible.

PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS can also be used on the body until death ensues. Troublesome dissidents and politically committed people are murdered by the Secret Services. So as not to leave any trace of their presence, the Secret Services and criminal organizations in most cases carry out their experiments remotely. There exists a countless number of witnesses who are still alive and who could, at any time, give evidence of their radiation attack by these weapons.

Citizens who are being abused for such experiments, are discredited, they lose their jobs and are declared mentally ill. In many countries violent psychiatry is used to assist the criminals to ill-treat innocent citizens, often until death ensues.

We have informed the Governments, politicians and the Media of all countries, but we have been completely ignored. THEY HAVE ARROGANTLY IGNORED OUR COMPLAINTS! We are still hoping that someone will come to our aid and will offer some support! Together we must put an end to a terrible genocide which has been going on for more than 50 years now, all over the world.

We must do everything for our children to be freed from mental slavery and psychofascism and so every man and every child on the planet can live and sleep quietly! With our presence and action we can draw attention to our cases and urge people into action ! Therefore, encourage and invite all friends, relatives, acquaintances and all willing people to demonstrate in Strasbourg!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to Work

After almost three years out of work, all of sudden I got a job offer. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Is it true? Or it is another "test" as I had too many times before. No matter what, it is another opportunity that allows me into my professional world.

This opportunity eventually happened to me after 18 times unsuccessful interviews. I couldn't imagine when I took it as another show that repeatedly staged on in the past three years, it turned out into a reality after all. I am so grateful for God who blessed me and saved me during the painful journey of my torment.

It is well said that tough time doesn't last, but tough people do. This time, I am much well prepared for whatever is going to happen in future.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

CIA MKULTRA and COINTELPRO Mind Control is real

I would like to introduce the following You Tube video to the public.
They are from History Channel.

Targeted Individuals (TI's) (#31)

Targeted Individuals (TI's) (#32)

DARPA MK-Ultra Scientist

Covert Actions Against American Citizens Living in America

If you are interested in knowing more about Psychological Behavioral Modification Mind Control, just do a search using "Mind Control" or "Behavioral Modification" strings in YouTube search field, you will see a lot of video or audio information on those topics.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The fire truck continues to stalk me

Last Friday, I had an interview with a large company in the afternoon. I requested an early off since I worked in the afternoon.

At around 3:00 pm on the way to the interview site, suddenly a wailing of sirens was heard from behind, and I noticed there were two fire trucks screamed while driving along the road. As they passed over my car, one of them press honk long and loud. It was a very disturbing scene as if there was an emergency. To other people, they might think so, but to me, it was a false alarm for sure. I had too many of this occurances before, and I knew these fire trucks were actually stalking me, and harassing me by using sirens and flash lights.

Yesterday, I was arranged to have the second interview in the same company. I didn't see any fire truck on the road. I thought well, it might be just a coincidence to feel that fire trucks stalking me last Friday. I felt good about it, and I wish it was just a coincidence.

I arrived at the company 10 minutes earlier, and prepared to get ready to see the interviewers.
The same person that I met in last interview came out to see me, and led me into the interview room. But as soon as the interview started, I noticed outside in the parking lot, two fire trucks appeared. They parked right in front within the view that I could see clearly.

I could tell this was no coincidence at all. They were there on purpose to show me that I was being watched all the time, and they knew exactly where I am, thus, parked in the location directly within my view.

The similar situation happened repeatedly over the last three years, and it is no longer a strange scene that could distract me or annoy me anymore. However, they didn't change their perception of me a bit after three years of persistent harassment, and my factual proof that they were wrong. They blacklisted my name for good. They deliberately made me an enemy without any valid reason. But this is their choice, and their decision. Not mine.

I feel so sorry for those law enforcement agencies. They constantly abuse their power, and wasted tax payers' money to stage this sick psychological warfare. I, as an innocent citizen, have the responsibility to expose this covert psychotic warfare to this open society.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Secret Stalker got caught on my camera today

Yesterday evening, I heard someone buzzed my door bell, but I didn't have any appointment. I turned on my TV, and switched to the Channel to see who it was. I saw a black man standing in the door way waiting. I don't know this person, nor did he seem to be a mail man. I did nothing, but watched through the cable. He waited for a while, and left.

This afternoon, I went to shopping in Shoppers. At the checkout counter, while the shopping assistant went to get a ticket for me, a black man suddenly came to stand next to me (very close) as if he was going to check out, but he was supposed to wait in the line at the back. Then the shopping assistant came back shortly. This black man immediately walked away to the next cash register. I didn’t pay much attention to him even though I felt this guy was kind of wired.

I checked out within a minute and walked out of the store. To my surprise, he followed me out of the store as well. He used the same harassing behavior to draw my attention while he walked over me and quicky got into his car. Now I realized this guy was stalking me in the store. I took out my camera, and prepared to take a picture of this guy. He slowly drove out of the parking lot, but he had to wait for the road to be clear. I pointed my camera towards him. Of course, he realized what I was going to do, thus, he pulled down his hat to cover almost all his face. I captured him in my camera, but only to see he wears a back mask on his face. I can see his nose and mouth. His eyes were completely covered by his black mask.

I saw him in the store. I don't know this person at all. This is organized stalking, which has been going on for over three years.