Saturday, June 16, 2007

Do you know our tax money is being abused?

Under the guise of public interest, corrupt secret agencies can abuse our tax payers' money to do illegal spy on citizens without proper reasons. Do you know how much money they spend just for one helicopter trip? We pay tax to government for the benefit of this society, not to the corrupt agencies to abuse our hard earned money to make fun in a boring day. They take advantage of their privilege to abuse the public trust. This irrational behavoir needs to be reported to government authority. The government should establish further rules and regulations to restrict this abusive behavior.

On Saturday afternoon around 6:00 pm, a red helicopter flew over China Town shopping center in a very low altitude. Its noise was so loud that I thought it was a tank driving from behind. But it was a red helicopter. At the time I just startd my car, and was not ready to take a picture. It flew away quickly before I could hand on my camera.

As you may see from my previos posts that helicopter harassed me on many occasions. This is intimidation and threat. Since I came to Canada, my perpetrators got connected with the local group, and they started to create situation to find fault with me, or just cause troubles. If their provocative behavior got my reaction, they would shift blame, telling people that I am a bad person. They never tell people what they did underhanded to provoke problems, and entrap me into anger. It seems to be a principle that trouble makers are always the first ones to blame their victimes for troubles they made. Aa a matter of fact, they are the real ones who make troubles.

This site was created to expose the organized crime, and to show the public how the perpetrators secretly provoke problems, and make troubles, and then how they would blame their victim.

(During the time I drafted this post, the secret hackers disconnected me from online twice. )

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