Monday, September 24, 2007

The secret destructive group stalkers continue to do underhanded dirty work

The following harassing incident happened on Sept. 21, 2007 (Friday)

Early in the morning I went to work. As soon as I got out of P2 elevator, I heard someone was approaching to the electrical garage door, as I heard the noise of the garage door as it opened. Then I walked to my car, and started my car and slowly drove towards to the EXIT door. However, the garage door was still open when I drove towards it, and I saw a red van staying near the gate without doing anything. This was a stalking incident. This red van was waiting for me to show up. When the driver saw me driving towards to the EXIT door, it started to move forward into the driveway. I thought it would continue to drive out as expected, but it stopped right there at the driveway and blocked me from driving forward. At this moment, I was at the midpoint of the slope, and I had no choice but to stop in order to avoid hitting this red van. However, it is almost a 30 degree slope and it is very dangerous to stop at the midpoint of the upward slope drive way. I stepped on brake very hard to secure my car to stop there safely, and waited for it to go away. This van stopped there for a few seconds, and started to move forward very slowly. Then I was able to drive forward, but only to find it very dangerous to take my foot off the brake.

I thought this red van did enough and it would drive away after his first evil intention, but he did the same thing again when he drove out of the garage gate, and stopped for the second time in a row to block me at the second slope outside the garage door. I had to press the horn to warn him. The second slope is not as bad as the first one, but the perpetrator showed his deliberate intention to hurt me. And he did it on purpose.

The perpetrator carefully designed to block me at the halfway of the upward slope in the driveway in order to cause fear. This was done on purpose to affect my emotion early in the morning before I started my work. They have been using the same tactics to disturb my peaceful life, and to provoke problems in my work over and over again in the past three years. They haven’t stopped yet.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Elevator has been used to perform harassment activities

My perpetrators have been using noise campaign to harass me for over two years. I kept making complaint against this noise harassment, and it finally stopped. But new harassment method has been used to continue the malicious motive.

In the years of 2005 and 2006, I was under intensive group organized stalking. I remembered my perpetrators liked to use elevator to perform malicious harassment. This behavior was extremely evil, because it could create fear and intimidation in the once's mind.

At around 6:00 pm in Aug. 15, 2006, the perpetrators specifically set me up to be trapped in the elevator for an hour. As I walked in the elevator and closed the door, the elevator began to jump like earthquake happening. I felt terrified inside it because I was the only person in the elevator, and I didn't know what was going to happen next. After jumping a couple of times, the elevator started to move up, however, it stopped at between 2nd and third floor, and stuck at the middle of the floor.

I tried very hard and I was able to open the elevator door, but only to find that it was to high to jump off to the second floor. In addition, I couldn't predict what this elevator would do. It was a even risk to try to jump out. But strange enough, I rang the bell for 10 minutes, and nobody even came out and took a look at what happened. But I heard a lady responded to me from her home, and didn't come out until the perperty management came to rescue.

The perperty management told me that they couldn't do anything about it. They phoned the central elevator operation personnel, and I was released by him after being trapped in the elevator for an hour. This was to create phobia, and it did have some negative influence on me for a while. I wasn't sure if it would do it again to me because I knew this was a deliberate action.
My perpetrators always prepare a cover up to their intentional criminal behavior. They sometimes made this happen to other people occasionally just to prove that it didn't happen to me only. Then I have no reason to say that this behavior was meant only to me.

Since last week, this "elevator harassing game" started all over again. My parking space is located at Parking Lot Level 2 (called P2), and since last week, when I took Elevator 2 to my apartment, it did strange thing again. Elevator 2 was always the one to come down first. When it comes down to the P2, the elevator light went off, and the door opened. I walked in Elevator 2, and pressed the button to my floor, and tried to close the door, but it failed to do anything. It just stayed there and refused to close the door. I tried again and again, but in vain.

I had to step out, and used Elevator 1, which worked fine. But when I got off Elevator 1 at my floor, I saw Elevator 2 already stopped there with its door open. And this happened repeatedly since last week. This was a controlled behavior. This elevator was used by secret stalkers behind scene to take this malicious action to harass me, and to try to plant fear, intimidation and anxiety in my mind.

This type of subtle harassment could undermind a person's mental health if the person is completely unaware of the mind control game. For me, it won't work any more, as I am fully aware what they were trying to do to me, and the pattern they used to perform harassment.

Here I want to use this blog to increase the knowledge and awareness of this criminal group's activities. They are destructive cults. All they do is to harm innocent people and their purpose is destructive and extremely evil.

Criminal harassment - sabotage my computer

A month ago, because of my ISP dial-up serive gave me a lot of connection speed problem, I had to make the decision to switch to ADSL. I signed up on July 23, 2007. Everything was fine till a week ago when suddenly I couldn't load the web page. I called the technical support, and was told not to use the firewall. The firewall was the reason that block the data tranfering properly. But I have been using this fire wall for a month without any issues since I switched my Internet Service. Now I began to have problem with it after a month.

Then I shut down the firewall, and it seems to be OK. Then on Aug. 31, 2007 my computer stopped function completely. I couldn't open the Internet Browser. I couldn't open Windows Explorer, My Document, My Computer, and even Control Panel. Basically any tools that give me the avenue to troubleshooting the problems were disabled.

What caused such problem? I started to use computer since 1995, and haven't experienced the problem like this. Strange things happened all the time since 2004, endlessly one after another. But this problem was quite unusual. I couldn't uninstall or reinstall any programs because it wouldn't allow me to go into the Control Panel. Strange enough? I knew all these problems were caused by misterious hackers, as I didn't change any configuration to my computer. This hacker is very experienced, and knows how to create problem and frustrate me.

It took me three days to get over this problem. This hacker has control over my computer at any moment. Tonight, it showed up its "magic power" again, but it didn't break my computer, only to give me some inconvenience.

Cyberstalking is a crime. What they did is a modern crime. Only because I am a private person, and have no device to catch the hacker right on the spot, thus they do this without any concern. I want the public know that this criminal behavior happened to me all these years - physical stalking, and cyberstalking, invasion of privacy and sabotage my life and work enviornment. They isolated me because they don't want me to have any witnesses. But they haven't shut me up completely yet.

My blog is the space I expose their malicious harassment activities, and this organized crime.