Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sleep deprivation torture

For some time, the perpetrators stopped using sleep deprivation on me. But since last Monday, I was kept awake most of the time. This sleep deprivation lasted for two nights now. I have absolutely no sleepless issue in my mind. I can tell this sleep deprivation was resulted from outside effect.

Targeted individual believe that some electromagnetic wave has been used to interrupt a person sleep. I don't have hard evidence to prove its existence. But from my personal experience, I don't suspect this theroy because I experienced terrible invisible things happened to me in the past years. It is very hard to explain the phenomenon to the general public due to the lack of sample demonstration or experiment show. This is secret weapon, and very few people ever heard about it. If I never had experienced this invisible harassment, I wouldn't choose to believe it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things we don't know, or not aware of in this world, however we can't say they don't exist just because we never heard of. Though I can't tell you exactly what it is that kept me aware during the night, I know for sure that it was outside factor caused my sleeplessness.

Crime is always carried out secretly. The abuse of hi-techology weapon, the illegal surveillance and organized stalking are often underground. It is hard to prove, but everybody knows that this type of crime is real. The criminals committing this crime would never tell you what they did to you. People can choose not to believe, but can't deny something they don't know.

Computer and Internet must be an unbelievable miracle fifty ago, but it is a reality now. Maybe in a couple of years, such thing like secret weapon would be a known fact to the public. And now the target individuals are being tortured as human experimentation subjects.

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