Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Policeman followed me and hit me from behind

After work I drove on the way towards home. As usual, I would see a police car driving either in front of me, or behind me. Tonight a police car appeared in my view, and it quickly drove pass over me in the middle lane, which is the lane I usually take. I habitually changed to the middle lane and found myself driving right after a police car. Feeling not sure how long I had to drive behind a police car, I decided to change to the left lane which would lead to a left turn in the next traffic light. But after I changed back to the left lane, this police car immediately slowed down his speed, and he fell behind me within several seconds, and then changed to the left lane right behind me. At this point, I can be sure he was actually watching me on the road. I had this feeling for a long time, but still don't have enough evidence to prove it.

There is still some distance before the next traffic light, and I immediately made a decision to change back to the right lane again, thinking if this police car also would change lane again, it would be a clear evidence that he was in no doubt following me. To my surprise, he did. But at this point, the traffic light turned yellow, by the time when I approached to the light, there was not enough time for me to run over, in addition, a police car was behind me. He could accuse me of running a red light, and I would get a ticket. I stopped my car right before the intersection, and felt within a second that my car was hit by this policeman. An accident thus happened.

I asked this police why he followed me, he said my auunal registration was expired. I think this is a pretext for his behavior tonight. They knew my annual registration has been expired for long, but never stopped me. Now this policeman used this excuse to cover up his true intention. I asked him why he didn't stop me when he knew that my registration was expired. He couldn't give me a logical explanation. However, he didn't explain the true reason that he was following me either.

For the last three years, I have been harassed by police, EMS and even fire figher trucks by the sirens and showing up their presence to my face. This is actually a psychological warfare. The effect is to either intimidate their target, or to seduce the target to do something similar of this destructive nature. If a target is being reminded of such criminal behavior every time he or she walks out their home, this equals a secret hypnosis message that tells the target to commit crime, or irritate the target into violence. This behavior is to invite the targets to do bad things of this nature.

This is mind control game. I have done lots of research in this area, and I understand what police can do. Don't be fooled by the uniforms, and the watchers are also human. A lot of policemen are just doing what their bosses asked them to do. If their boss was a criminal, then the whole team is there to help the crooked boss to commit covert crime.

Strange things happened so much that could be hardly explained as coincidence

I was arranged to work for Sunday dinner this week. It was a very slow night, and at around 8:00 pm, the whole restaurant was empty. The other server went on her break, and I was the only one on the floor. While I was doing some side work, the television CNN news program suddenly got interrupted by strange random broadcasting message for less than a minute. And the voice suddenly became so loud that really caught my attention. Usually the sound volume was set pretty low in order not to disturb the guests' activities. But this sudden change of the program changed the volume as well. I didn't pay attention to what it was really about, but the sound volume drew my attention and I had to walk over and turned down the volume. At this time, I saw the TV screen only showed a simple picture, and heard the voice said: "Edmonton center... Edmonton center...". I didn't realize what was going on on TV, but felt quite bizarre as this was not an advertisement program, and what was the purpose to broadcast such a strange message.

As a victim of organized stalking, it is very easy for me to understand why this happened. As a matter of fact, Cable TV can be used as a monitoring system, and the victims of gang stalking being watched through TV cable is a non-disputable reality.

This is not enough. As a server, I have been constantly bullied by some of my guests. Usually they would say something strange or mentioned something that happened in my life. It was also the often case that they don't tip me properly as they do to other servers. This evening was not an exception. I had only two tables for the whole night because Monday is a holiday - Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Both tables did the same strange thing. On each table, there are a pair of seasoning - salt and pepper bottle. And at the beginning of the dinner, I setup the candle light for each table, and I specifically checked if the salt and pepper was in place. They were all in pair on all tables. But when my guests left, and by the time when I started to clean my tables, they all missed one. How could this happen if it was not done on purpose?

Harassment of such subtle nature happened almost on daily basis, which, though, not so destructive, left a strange feelings for the victims for a prolonged period of time. The destructive nature of this gang-stalking is to shadow victims psychologically, and to disorient victims into delusional. This is the purpose the perpetrators want to attain. As soon as the victims mention such strange things happen in their lives, the general public would think this person has mental problem, but they never know the reality that perpetrators did secret dirty work on daily basis to a specific person for the purpose to discredit him/her. That's why strange things only happen to a targeted person, and the rest of the world remains totally unaware.