Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trauma Based Mind Control

To be exact, what I experienced is a trauma based mind control and ritual abuse. It started since early November 2004 when perpetrators began to attack me overtly. Obviously the intelligent agencies were involved and they might have done unlawful investigation without my consent. They could did up things happened 30 years ago, and then created similar situation to remind me of that events, though the event could be bad experience, or completely a neutral one. The token is to tell you that they know you inside out, and you are living in a crystal clear world, and you have no privacy at all. You are prisoner even in your own home.

The conditioning or gaslighting is a key technique to be used in trauma based mind control. Some people called it as programming. They program a person with a condition which related to certain coded words, sound, color, a situation, or even a sight that would have hidden meaning. Usually this hidden meaning would be something that could trigger victim's reaction. The victim might have some bad experience, or a trauma behind this hidden meaning. That's how whenever the coded language, sound, color or even a sight of something is mentioned, it would trigger pain to the victim.

Once the victim is systematically traumatized through various methods, which may include ritual abuse, programming is anchored in to each individual trauma. These dissociated traumas are linked to hypnotic programming commands and scripts. Trauma based mind control is to create multiple personality. The idea behind this is to create the perfect slave who can carry out a variety of functions while maintaining secrecy and obedience to the programmers. Such functions may include spy, sexual slave and other psychic abilities.

It is well known that government mind control experimentation started right after World War II, but nobody knows how far this experimentation goes now, and what they have achieved in nowadays. This is CIA or intelligence agencies' top secret. As a victim of this hidden crime, I know what does this meant, and to what extent that my privacy was invaded. All I want to tell the public is they knew every single point of my previous life dating back to my childhood. My mind has been read by the perps like a computer hard drive. They got my memory through reading my mind like computer reading its hard drive using their highly sophisticated mind reading device.


Rachael O. said...

i dont want to tell u what to think but usually tbmc takes years from birth and up to 'program' someone. I agree that organized stalking/harassment and/or mind control thru tech and druggings is traumatic and it is ritualistic. But if u r an adult u r better prepared for what is happening than an infant. It sounds like you are experiencing the mind control they are doing now on alot of adult victims which is similar but uses tech more and organized stalk/harass. Tbmc from childhood would give you different results like many inner worlds and multi layers. Symbols and colors and pictures and the like..its like u live in a totally abstract inner world and the outside is coincidental. That is why the final programming is so easy to carry out-suicide programming. All tbmc survivors have suicide programming. A number of survivors have attempted re-programming done on them via the new tech methods.

There is a difference between the two. But we are all being victimized and I want to let you know that writing a blog is very important. Its another testimony. I understand Canada is very bad with the victimization or targets. Please be careful doing activism there are many plants in the forums but u will also meet genuine TI's. Good (lots of swearing-its a Boston thing.)

peter said...

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