Sunday, July 18, 2010

The sewage system has been modified to make noise

It had happened for many times that the sewage system always makes noise at the time when I do something either very private or sensitive. This evening, it happened again. The sewage - the kitchen sink suddenly began to made noise, as if water would come up from the pipe of the lower floor, and it lasted for half minute.

It is not likely that this happened as a coincidence, it was made as a synchoronicity, because of the covert surveillance. The evil eyes are watching me all the time, both inside my own home or outside my home. This covert but gross violation of human rights are kept secret, and with plausible deniability. So I can't make a complaint, because other than the synchoronized harassment in the form of noise, I have no hard evidence.

Some perpetrators think they are authorized to do so, and they are immune from law or above the law. But they actually abused the law and public trust. I post the major incidents here just to expose their covert or hidden crime. I know my perpertrators so well, and they really deserve be behind the bars.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My computer display setting has been changed

My computer was invaded today!

Last night, I shut down my computer properly for sure. I didn't experience any abnormal computer issue at all. This afternoon, when I came back home from work, and turned on my computer, the display setting was changed to bigger fond. The whole desktop was distorted because the large font size.

The desktop display won't change by itself. Someone must have entered my home without my knowledge, and hacked into my computer and did all this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New stalking incident today

Around 6:50 pm, I went out to do my regular walk-out. I locked my suite door, and pressed the elevator button, in a minute, the Elevator 2 (the one for moving) stopped at my floor. I walked in, and pressed the P2 button (level 2 parking lot) and then pressed Close button. The door was closed, but it didn't move down, instead it stayed there for a minute, and opened its door again.

I pressed the Close button again, it still didn't move, and kept opening the door. I tried a couple of time, it did the exact same thing, just refused to move down. I had to use the stairs to go down. But when I went down to the ground floor, this elevator was already down on the ground floor with its door open. Then it closed the door, and move down. I didn't take this elevator.

This means someone secretly watched elevator at that moment, and held it so as not to let it take me down. When I used stairs, this person let the elevator down to the ground floor and opened the door. I didn't take it, I took the other elevator to the P2 (level 2 parking lot) from the ground floor, and this time it was fine.

I live in a high rise apartment, and the Elevator 2 has always been used to do the harassment. What stupidity is this? My perps must have nothing to do in their lives.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secret stalkers got into my car illegally

In the afternoon, March 30, 2010, I went to NAIT Registration office. I parked my car in the self paid parking lot, and put the parking ticket on the top counter at the driver side. But when I came back to my car, I noticed the parking ticket was moved to the right side -pessenger side. The car window was closed, and there was not air circulation inside the car. How the dell the ticket could be moved from left side to the right side? Some one had broken into my car, or they have the access into my car, and put the parking ticket there.

This was to tell me that the stalkers closely kept an eye on me no matter where I go. As the exact same thing happened last year in Calgary when I went there to renew my passport. That time, they got into my car, and bent my back mirror facing down the floor. When I came back to my car, and was ready to start the engine, I looked at the back mirror, and realized all I could see was the floor. Immediately, I realized my car was broken into by someone who had the access to my car, and did it for the purpose to covertly tell me they were watching me.

I don't believe those people are regular thieves, they are undercovered agents, and they believed they are doing this illegal activities for a legitimate reason. However, the fact is they are abusing their power and violated my Human Rights. They are criminals covered by uniform, and they are psychopathic freaks, a groug of cynical racists.

You will never know what these people can do with the cover of uniform.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The stalkers sabotaged my car's door lock again!

Sunday afternoon (Jan. 31, 2010), I went out shopping, stayed in the shopping center for about 2 hours. When I came out and walked back to my car, I couldn't open my car door at driver side with the key. I had to use the right side door. This was the second time the same door lock was sobotaged by someone secretly.

What a ugly person he/she must be, hided in the dark, and does this kind of theft deed. If it was a theft, the purpose must be stealing. However, obviously that was not the purpose. It was a psychopath, who is so dark inside, and even shamed of himself/herself. This kind of behaviour was meant to disturb the person they targeted, and created a false result to discredit the person they target to harass.

The point I want to make here is to tell the public that the perpetrators have been doing this hidden and evil deeds to harass me covertly for the purpose to disturb me, or drive me crazy since 2004. They haven't stopped the harassment after five years. If you read my previous posts, you will see the pattern of this evil behavior. Secracy has been used to deny everything they did, and make it impossible for me to bring the case to court.

I will write every harassment incident here to record and expose this underhanded, ugly, evil actions against me.

Stalkers, listen here, you will never be able to disturb me, instead you won't sleep well because God saw you, and one day you will be properly punished. We will see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fake road construction block the busy street

Looks like a construction vehicle stays in a very busy street intersection - 82 Ave /109 street in Edmonton, but seems not doing anything. Because of this vehicle, it blocks two lanes on that road (three lanes in total), which jams the traffic badly. Every morning, I go through that intersection, it took me about 10 minutes just to pass over that place. If it indeed work on some problem, that is fine. The public should deal with this, but the reality is we don't see any construction going on, and why the city let this vehicle block the street for over two month?

I talked to my co-worker about this, one of them joked that they do this just to piss off me. Ha Ha...

I think she is right, if not me, maybe they try to piss off someone who uses this road everyday. Other than this explanation, I can't think of why the city allows such unreasonable deed to be carried on, and nobody even care how much hardship this fake construction created for the public on daily basis.

A Taxi driver once complained exactly the same thing when I took his taxi. He basically believed the city deliberately create this fake road contruction site on the road to block the traffic, further to create frustration to the public.

People complain this because they don't see any real road contruction going on, only saw the meanless block. Is it true they just want to set block to create hardship to piss off someone they targeted?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My counter on my blog was deleted by cyberstalker

I have a counter setup on my blog. It has been at the left bottom of this site. In 2008, someone sabotaged my blog, and deleted it. So I found another one, and continued to count the hits whoever visited my blog. Late in 2009, it was gone again, as you may see today, it was not there.

I will get another one setup some time this month. I deliberately write this not here just to record this incident. And I will see how long the next counter will last on my blog.

There are a few people who are so negative, and so dark in their heart.
I don't who they are, but the wall has ear, and the sky has eyes.

Be careful the evil stalkers, your behavior will come back to hunt you sooner or later.

Continue to log in harassment notes here in 2010.

For a long time, I decided to give up writing harassment log, however I think it is to my best interest to continue this effort, as the harassment activities increase while on the job, and in the apartment where I live.

The apartment where I live in has changed three managers over three years period of time. None of them treated me as an equal entity with other tenants. But they can't say in front of me because they knew it is a white lie. The lies about me in secracy is the weapon to taint my name. Stalking is used to deliver harm and to undermine my sanity. But I already knew the tactics they use, so the secret evil activities can never be successful in reaching their evil goal.

My apartment uses elevator to conduct part of their harassment. Tonight, the second time, they monitored me in the garage through stalkers or surveillance camera, and held the elevator, so the elevator didn't go up when I repeatedly pressed close button and my floor. This incident is clearly showed that someone control the elevator when I got in. I determined to make it go up. After three attempts, it finally was allowed to move up. For witness purpose, I told this story to one tenant in the apartment building. She acknowledge that wired things often happen in the apartment.

This is not the first time I had this. Last time it happened to me was over a month ago after I reported to the building manager that one guy harassed me in the garage. I seriously doubted that the property manager was part of the problem. And this has been the case for the last two property managers in this apartment. That guy blocked me from driving out of the garage by driving backwards towards and downwards towards me. He already driven out of the garage, but backed down towards me while seeing I was driving forwards. I pressed the horn to stop him, and then he ran away with up speed as if he was afraid that I would catch up with him. Really crazy activities by those evil stalkers.

My workplace kept using fire alarm drill to repeat this harassment. I was harassed by fire fighters, false fire alarms and sirens from law enforcement vehicle, not because I violated any law related to such nature, but because someone used evil lie to taint my name. Being on a new job for a little over three months, the fire drill execises had been done from three times (within two months), and then, company kept sending out email saying the sprinkler system, again related to fire needs to be maintained, and fire drill would go off when they do the repair. I never believed this lie, a covert psychologial operation meant to harass someone in its workforce.

I knew all this tricks since 2004, so nothing new to me. But it doesn't mean no harassment activities has ever done. But I will kept recording these wired, strange and desruptive activities as evidences.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peace On Earth

Another new year is underway. Time went faster than I can realized.

Just came across John Lennon's video, so I got to know a little bit more of his life. But it also raised a question in my head: Why celebrities like John Lennon would be assessinated by a mentally ill person? John was famous for his activism anti-war civil movement - Peace on Earth.

Does this political activity bothered or annoyed a mentally ill person? Obviously this reasoning is ridicuous. So what was the truth behind this assessination?

Peace on Earth. Many peace loving people on this planet would continue to carry on his career and passion to make this world a better place to live.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolution


Everyone heard this slogan before, I am so sure. But few of us really take it seriously and wholeheartedly.

After years of "War on Terror" propaganda by the system, what we have achieved, any more peace or more terror?

If government spent more money on advocating "PEACE ON EARTH", the outcome would be a lot better that what we have today.

Thus, being an ordinary citizen, a true peace believer, I promote "PEACE ON EARTH", and I hope every citizen from over the world start to promote this spirit, and influence the government leaders and officers the importance of the true meaning of PEACE. Peace can only be achieved by love and peaceful deeds, not by prejudice and hate propaganda.