Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stalking (covert surveillance) / eharassment

Covert surveillance always come together with harassment, even electronic harassment to serve its purpose. This purpose is to torture. I believe this is an ongoing experiment conducted on targeted individuals of various background, race and age groups in all over the world.

Back to work for a month, the sleep deprivation seems to be turned on to me again. In recent days, it is getting worse and worse. But I don't have anything to worry in my mind. I don't have the whole picture of this secret torture, but I can be sure it is some sort of electronic harassment that kept me awake.

Targeted individuals in Europe are going to hold "THE STRASBOURG DEMONSTRATION" at THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, July 7 & 8, please see the information attached here.


JULY 7TH: in front of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BUILDING in Rue du Levant at 9.30 a.m JULY 8TH: in front of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL BUILDING in Avenue de l'Europe at 10 a.m

Dear friends,

My fellow-victims and myself are sending this message to the four corners of the world. Even if you cannot come to "THE STRASBOURG DEMONSTRATION" at THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, July 7 & 8 we are sending you this message to make you aware of the problem – please send this message everywhere!!

Dear Victims and People of the World,

We, the organizers of The Strasbourg Demonstration, ask all victims and those who feel concerned by PSYCHOPHYSICAL TERRORISM AND THE INHUMANE TORTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS to take part in this very important event for all mankind.

An event of this kind may not be granted to us a second time! Everyone knows that we have already dedicated many years of our life to the hard fight against violence and terrorism, and this must be regarded as our real chance together. These are secret and brutal crimes against innocent people in many countries of Europe and the world.

There is a huge number of facts, which confirms the military-medical experiments on peaceful citizens carried out for decades, with PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS, without the consent of the people. The houses of irreproachable citizens are being secretly transformed into testing-grounds for PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS.

The victims of these atrocious experiments and their families are forced to live under these conditions of psychophysical and social terror. These so-called "Non Lethal Weapons" or "Less Lethal Weapons" have dreadful effects and can be used to endanger the life of every individual, of the entire population of a state and of the whole world. The consequences of their application are far more serious than the ones of all known weapons of mass destruction. They can combine all the inhumane aspects of the most barbaric weapons of mass destruction. Apart from the harm caused to a human being's body, secret manipulation and the control of the human mind, and thoughts and behaviour is also possible.

PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS can also be used on the body until death ensues. Troublesome dissidents and politically committed people are murdered by the Secret Services. So as not to leave any trace of their presence, the Secret Services and criminal organizations in most cases carry out their experiments remotely. There exists a countless number of witnesses who are still alive and who could, at any time, give evidence of their radiation attack by these weapons.

Citizens who are being abused for such experiments, are discredited, they lose their jobs and are declared mentally ill. In many countries violent psychiatry is used to assist the criminals to ill-treat innocent citizens, often until death ensues.

We have informed the Governments, politicians and the Media of all countries, but we have been completely ignored. THEY HAVE ARROGANTLY IGNORED OUR COMPLAINTS! We are still hoping that someone will come to our aid and will offer some support! Together we must put an end to a terrible genocide which has been going on for more than 50 years now, all over the world.

We must do everything for our children to be freed from mental slavery and psychofascism and so every man and every child on the planet can live and sleep quietly! With our presence and action we can draw attention to our cases and urge people into action ! Therefore, encourage and invite all friends, relatives, acquaintances and all willing people to demonstrate in Strasbourg!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to Work

After almost three years out of work, all of sudden I got a job offer. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Is it true? Or it is another "test" as I had too many times before. No matter what, it is another opportunity that allows me into my professional world.

This opportunity eventually happened to me after 18 times unsuccessful interviews. I couldn't imagine when I took it as another show that repeatedly staged on in the past three years, it turned out into a reality after all. I am so grateful for God who blessed me and saved me during the painful journey of my torment.

It is well said that tough time doesn't last, but tough people do. This time, I am much well prepared for whatever is going to happen in future.