Sunday, July 18, 2010

The sewage system has been modified to make noise

It had happened for many times that the sewage system always makes noise at the time when I do something either very private or sensitive. This evening, it happened again. The sewage - the kitchen sink suddenly began to made noise, as if water would come up from the pipe of the lower floor, and it lasted for half minute.

It is not likely that this happened as a coincidence, it was made as a synchoronicity, because of the covert surveillance. The evil eyes are watching me all the time, both inside my own home or outside my home. This covert but gross violation of human rights are kept secret, and with plausible deniability. So I can't make a complaint, because other than the synchoronized harassment in the form of noise, I have no hard evidence.

Some perpetrators think they are authorized to do so, and they are immune from law or above the law. But they actually abused the law and public trust. I post the major incidents here just to expose their covert or hidden crime. I know my perpertrators so well, and they really deserve be behind the bars.