Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victimization by Big Brother

As I prepare for a legal action against this ongoing persecution, I requested a personal file under the FOIP Act from Edmonton police department. To my surprise that police had documented some untrue comments about me when I reported break-in incident. To me, they have the right not to believe what I said because gang stalking is an organized action, and they wouldn't leave any concrete evidence, but police don't have the right to label a person as paranoid or dilusional. By making such a comment, they actually help the stalkers to cover up their covert harassment. Or it is quite possible that police was actually involved in such covert action.

In mind control harassment, break-in home and car is so common, and I doubt that police is not aware of the fact at all. In most cases, mind control victims are always harassed by police or intelligence agencies rather than just a local group. My personal experience is a typical mind control psychological abuse case, which both police and security agencies are definitely involved. I can provide them with thousands of incidents that tells this is happening. Just because they isolated me and I don't have a second person to verify everything to them, they can say whatever they want to say. This is a jungle, and in my opinion, they are the ones who are paranoid. How can they use their privilege that government and people gave them to victimize a civilian just by saying so, but totally ignored the truth!!!!

To elaberate the detail, I have to tell from last May. I called the police department to report a break-in incident late April. The police officer didn't come to see the scene till two hours after. I didn't find anything important missing, but my door was opened when I was away from home. I showed the police the evidence that someone accessed to my home, but they didn't take it seriously as nothing important was missing. Then a month later, I heard someone was buzzing me from the building entrance, and they were police. This time the police officer is an Asian guy. I felt strange why police visited me without any reason. But this visit was only a follow up. I gave a brief description of what happened a month ago, and thought this was over. However, it was not. Police department sent an Asian officer to victimize me. That was how the report was created and put into my personal file. Since last April, I started to file human rights complaint against my previous employer, and they are connected and are aware of that. By having an Asian officer to label me as paranoid wouldn't take any risk of being blamed for racial discrimination. What a government? I would say "Racist government".

They think they haven't done enough to persecute me yet. They continue to persecute me.
Now it is not so hard to see who is the one to initiate this hate crime.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stalking is an addiction, just like alcoholic or drug addict

Needless to say that stalking activity, no matter by individual, or by group, is illegal in our society. It is a criminal behavior. It is very intrusive, offensive and threatening to a person being stalked. When having enough evidence, the stalker or stalkers are subjected to criminal charge, facing a sentence of up to many years jail time depending on its severity and damage they caused to the victims.

But if you can analyze the nature of group stalking, it is not hard to see the reason why the perpetrators do this apart from the criminal nature. Curiosity is another factor, which is an addition, just like alcoholic or drug addict. Once start, it is likely to become addicted to it. Human nature of curiosity with the help of hi-tech device drives these criminals into this covert ugly game, especially those who are under the hat of intelligence community. They abuse their power and walked extra miles just to satisfy their own curiosity. Some perpetrators have no quality lives of their own, no career goal to obtain, and no motivation of self-improvement. Instead, these psychopaths show great interest to ruin others people's lives in order to balance their own. I paid close attention to the perpetrators who actively participated in harassing me, and come to a general conclusion that most aggressive harassers are of negative personality, and of poor morality. It gives them great release or satisfaction to see that the victim showed frustration, humiliated or in great distress because of their dirty work.

Stalking addiction would drive the perpetrators to continue the illegal game just like the drug addicts couldn't get rid of the drug. The mentality is pretty much the same. If one victim is strong enough to get over their malicious harassment, they would move on and target the next one. They wanted to see how victim suffer, and struggle because this is the psychological "drug" that made them feeling good about themselves. Without the "drug", their lives are too dull and lack of excitement. You can see how disappointed they could be when their carefully pre-planned setup failed. I saw many times and I fully understand their mentality now. Once you understand them, it is so easy to keep them disappointed. Don't play the game with them is the best solution to keep them disappointed.

However, I still don't understand why those people could hate a person whom they don't even know? Is it the rule of jungle or pure animal instinct to keep this ugly game alive?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you know how covert racist activities can be?

I am a new immigrant and a visible minority. My first job here in Canada was no fun at all, where I experienced group mobbing and racial discrimination. Eventually I was driven out as a result of constructive dismissal that I had dispute with the management. At that point, I had to go in order to end this atrocity. My human dignity was severely attacked, and my fundamental rights was violated by a group of people who ignored the law, and take the risk of destroying Western Civilization for the benefit of their own. As a victim of this organized crime, I will fight for justice, and see one day this crime will be brought in front of justice system. No one has the right to break the law no matter they are government officers, CIA, Police or any law enforcement agencies. This is the fundamental of Western Civilization and Liberty. We are born to be equal in terms of the right to live, to work, and to other human basic rights such as the legal right, freedom of speech and privacy, etc.

A couple of days ago, my perpetrators had one old guy (stalker) to provoke problem with me in the parking garage. He stopped there right after he drove in the garage gate, and stayed there not moving anymore. I had to wait outside until he proceed forward. It took a quite a while before he showed any sign of leaving that space, while I was waiting outside. I just didn't know what he was doing there, thus pressed the horn to remind him. He got angry because I horned him. Finally he moved forward when the garage door went down, and I was able to use my key to get in the garage. He started to argue with me while waiting for the elevator that I shouldn't press horn, and asked me to move out of the apartment if I am not happy. I considered this remark is of discriminatory nature as I have been harassed by the group stalking in this building since I moved in, especially after I filed human rights complaint against my previous government employer.

I reported this incident to the building manager that day. But today, a different perpetrator did the same thing. It would be very odd if not for a stalking scenario. First it is very hard to catch the timing. Second, not every one behaved this way. Obviously this is a stalking incident. They were informed of my whereabouts, and had a different guy waited there till I came back from outside. By imitating the exact same behavior, they express the "opinion of asking me to move out". This is a typical tactic that racist group used to vent their unwelcome opinion. This is a coded language they developed during the course of harassment. They first would create a situation to set the tone, and then used this situation to condition me. After condition stage, every time they repeated the similar situation, it was an expression of their coded language - "move out". This is the pattern the racist group used to exercise discriminatory practice, which is covert, and left little direct evidence for the human rights worker to recognize. I want to document this typical pattern of circumstantial evidence. Eventually people will see through this trick and take actions to end this unethical practice.

This morning, this extremist group went to extreme to fabricate ridiculous evidence to defame me by putting one little white sugar bag (restaurant use, I work in a restaurant) on the floor at drive side of my car. I felt so disgusting to see such a small, evil and ridiculous behavior they did. Actually this was not the first time. They have done such dirty trick to me a year and half ago by government employee. I just couldn't help laughing at such small and narrow minded personality of the perpetrators. They are sure not the kind of people who can make this world better. They are the rats, and the only place allowed them to live is in the darkest hole, and underground. The open sunshine and truth would scare them to death.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Do you know our tax money is being abused?

Under the guise of public interest, corrupt secret agencies can abuse our tax payers' money to do illegal spy on citizens without proper reasons. Do you know how much money they spend just for one helicopter trip? We pay tax to government for the benefit of this society, not to the corrupt agencies to abuse our hard earned money to make fun in a boring day. They take advantage of their privilege to abuse the public trust. This irrational behavoir needs to be reported to government authority. The government should establish further rules and regulations to restrict this abusive behavior.

On Saturday afternoon around 6:00 pm, a red helicopter flew over China Town shopping center in a very low altitude. Its noise was so loud that I thought it was a tank driving from behind. But it was a red helicopter. At the time I just startd my car, and was not ready to take a picture. It flew away quickly before I could hand on my camera.

As you may see from my previos posts that helicopter harassed me on many occasions. This is intimidation and threat. Since I came to Canada, my perpetrators got connected with the local group, and they started to create situation to find fault with me, or just cause troubles. If their provocative behavior got my reaction, they would shift blame, telling people that I am a bad person. They never tell people what they did underhanded to provoke problems, and entrap me into anger. It seems to be a principle that trouble makers are always the first ones to blame their victimes for troubles they made. Aa a matter of fact, they are the real ones who make troubles.

This site was created to expose the organized crime, and to show the public how the perpetrators secretly provoke problems, and make troubles, and then how they would blame their victim.

(During the time I drafted this post, the secret hackers disconnected me from online twice. )

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cyber Stalking can be as bad as real life stalking.

Early in the morning, I tried to access Alberta Law library database to study the case law, but I was disconnected from online by unknown hacker twice right after I access the case law page. This didn’t happen when I checked my personal email, and other web activities, but happened immediately after I began my legal research. It is not because of the file that is too large to load; it is a clear interference by the third party. The secret criminals never stopped mess me up because they envy my value and my dignity. They want to do anything they can to prevent me from exposing their crime through legal means.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sleep deprivation torture

For some time, the perpetrators stopped using sleep deprivation on me. But since last Monday, I was kept awake most of the time. This sleep deprivation lasted for two nights now. I have absolutely no sleepless issue in my mind. I can tell this sleep deprivation was resulted from outside effect.

Targeted individual believe that some electromagnetic wave has been used to interrupt a person sleep. I don't have hard evidence to prove its existence. But from my personal experience, I don't suspect this theroy because I experienced terrible invisible things happened to me in the past years. It is very hard to explain the phenomenon to the general public due to the lack of sample demonstration or experiment show. This is secret weapon, and very few people ever heard about it. If I never had experienced this invisible harassment, I wouldn't choose to believe it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things we don't know, or not aware of in this world, however we can't say they don't exist just because we never heard of. Though I can't tell you exactly what it is that kept me aware during the night, I know for sure that it was outside factor caused my sleeplessness.

Crime is always carried out secretly. The abuse of hi-techology weapon, the illegal surveillance and organized stalking are often underground. It is hard to prove, but everybody knows that this type of crime is real. The criminals committing this crime would never tell you what they did to you. People can choose not to believe, but can't deny something they don't know.

Computer and Internet must be an unbelievable miracle fifty ago, but it is a reality now. Maybe in a couple of years, such thing like secret weapon would be a known fact to the public. And now the target individuals are being tortured as human experimentation subjects.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Secret hacker kept disconnecting my dial-up connection

Criminal hacker kept messing up my Internet connection. Since yesterday, the disconnection became so frequent that I had to keep dialing up to the Net again and again in order to finish what I had to do. They either disconnected me from the Internet, or made my connection just slow enough (before, not now) that would prevent me from doing my research. They are trying to prevent me from securing a job, and from researching, analyzing and exposing their criminal behavior. The harassment of this subtle nature is full of my daily life. If I go shopping, the perpetrators followed me to the store, and then used beeper to alert me that they were around. If I go to the library, they would use the security guards to show up to me in order to tell me that they were around. If I go to work, they would gradually get connected with the workplace, and used lies and slander to discredit me for the purpose to make my work environment hostile.

In one word, they wanted to use any possible opportunities to frustrate me, to discredit me and to make my life miserable. This has happened for three years now. The only difference is that I am no longer an unaware target individual, and I now take actions to fight against this evil hidden crime, a crime that secret police might have involved. But I am not afraid of them at all because I stand in wide open. Whereas, they hide themselves in dark, and attack me secretly for the purpose to injure. Their behavior is unlawful and criminal, which explains why they have to remain in dark. They are part of the dark society – secret society. What they do is beneficial neither to the public nor to the society, but for their personal gains and their evil revenge motivation, all of which are out of malice and hatred.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Extremist Group Harassment

The extremist group still follow me and harass me in the public places.

Today I went to Staples to buy business card paper. At the same time while I was walking out of the store, the harassment beeper went off four times. I came back to the store and made a complaint to the store manager. I purposely did this in order to leave complaint record for future reference.

On my way to the Law Library, the helicopter flew directly above the area. I never saw any helicopter in downtown area till the day when I made human rights complaint in July 2006. I clearly remembered on July 20, 2006 that night, the helicopter flew in circles above my building over and over for five times. Since then I always saw helicopter no matter wherever I went. I think it was because I used camera and recorder to capture the stalking activities by the extremist group, which effectively stopped them. They don't want to leave too much evidence in my camera. Then helicopter appeared since then. If I complain that helicopter follows me, the public would hardly believe me. However, it would be equally hard for them to explain why the black helicopter would fly above downtown area in such frequency.

Now it appears more and more clear to me that this organized stalking activities meant to undermine my mental health at this stage. In my past two and half years, the perpetrators tried to use any possible opportunities to create problems in my life, and to harass me for the purpose to frustrate me. This was a group effort. Thus it is an organized crime. No matter how underground it was carried out, the pattern was shown consistently, and their purpose was to injure me psychologically. I have enough evidence to prove their malicious intention now.

To remain underground, and attack secretly is actually a manifestation of guilty. They knew what they did was with malice, and even against the law. Thus, they had to hide their criminal behavior. That's why they are called "perpetrators". They are the true criminals.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Conspiracy to Defame

Conspiracy to Defame is a tort in Canadian Law, but it can also be of criminal conspiracy if there is no overt act in pursuance of the agreement resulting in damage.

Then what is conspiracy? A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to do or refrain from doing a lawful or unlawful act by unlawful means.

To distinquish if your case is conspiracy to defame, you must prove the following elements:
1. A common plan or design or agreement to do certain unlawful acts which are likely to cause injury to a person;
2. The arguement must extend not only to the objective, but to the means or plans for achieving that objective;
3. Agreement on the means to be used must be specifically proven; and
4. The acts agreed and done must cause damages of which a person complains.

Organized stalking and psychological mind control is well planned and designed efforts by multiple people to injure a target individual. They are well communicated and connected through certain channels. They follow a target, covertly observe a target, and attack a target for the purpose to cause mental, physical and financial (job loss) injury. Since the target being chosen for whatever reason, the plan or agreement between parties are put into practice with the predominant purpose to cause injury and this conspiracy lasts for number of years. It is secret, and targets usually are kept in dark, and most of them are isolated. Lies and slander are the weapon to defame the targets, in many cases, the hate crime is resulted as consequence. The only thing that a target has difficulty to prove is probably names of the parties involved, as a lot of targets don't even know who are behind this, or lack evidence to prove who are behind this crime.

Due to the lack of legal knowledge, it took me almost three years to realize the fact that my perpetrators actually committed a conspiracy to defame against me. But I was lucky to be able to remain in control of my mental sanity. My personal sufferings from this atrocity was hard to imagine. I believe my situation was resulted by a typical conspiracy to defame for which I am trying to establish the case with solid evidence.