Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you know how covert racist activities can be?

I am a new immigrant and a visible minority. My first job here in Canada was no fun at all, where I experienced group mobbing and racial discrimination. Eventually I was driven out as a result of constructive dismissal that I had dispute with the management. At that point, I had to go in order to end this atrocity. My human dignity was severely attacked, and my fundamental rights was violated by a group of people who ignored the law, and take the risk of destroying Western Civilization for the benefit of their own. As a victim of this organized crime, I will fight for justice, and see one day this crime will be brought in front of justice system. No one has the right to break the law no matter they are government officers, CIA, Police or any law enforcement agencies. This is the fundamental of Western Civilization and Liberty. We are born to be equal in terms of the right to live, to work, and to other human basic rights such as the legal right, freedom of speech and privacy, etc.

A couple of days ago, my perpetrators had one old guy (stalker) to provoke problem with me in the parking garage. He stopped there right after he drove in the garage gate, and stayed there not moving anymore. I had to wait outside until he proceed forward. It took a quite a while before he showed any sign of leaving that space, while I was waiting outside. I just didn't know what he was doing there, thus pressed the horn to remind him. He got angry because I horned him. Finally he moved forward when the garage door went down, and I was able to use my key to get in the garage. He started to argue with me while waiting for the elevator that I shouldn't press horn, and asked me to move out of the apartment if I am not happy. I considered this remark is of discriminatory nature as I have been harassed by the group stalking in this building since I moved in, especially after I filed human rights complaint against my previous government employer.

I reported this incident to the building manager that day. But today, a different perpetrator did the same thing. It would be very odd if not for a stalking scenario. First it is very hard to catch the timing. Second, not every one behaved this way. Obviously this is a stalking incident. They were informed of my whereabouts, and had a different guy waited there till I came back from outside. By imitating the exact same behavior, they express the "opinion of asking me to move out". This is a typical tactic that racist group used to vent their unwelcome opinion. This is a coded language they developed during the course of harassment. They first would create a situation to set the tone, and then used this situation to condition me. After condition stage, every time they repeated the similar situation, it was an expression of their coded language - "move out". This is the pattern the racist group used to exercise discriminatory practice, which is covert, and left little direct evidence for the human rights worker to recognize. I want to document this typical pattern of circumstantial evidence. Eventually people will see through this trick and take actions to end this unethical practice.

This morning, this extremist group went to extreme to fabricate ridiculous evidence to defame me by putting one little white sugar bag (restaurant use, I work in a restaurant) on the floor at drive side of my car. I felt so disgusting to see such a small, evil and ridiculous behavior they did. Actually this was not the first time. They have done such dirty trick to me a year and half ago by government employee. I just couldn't help laughing at such small and narrow minded personality of the perpetrators. They are sure not the kind of people who can make this world better. They are the rats, and the only place allowed them to live is in the darkest hole, and underground. The open sunshine and truth would scare them to death.

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