Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Extremist Group Harassment

The extremist group still follow me and harass me in the public places.

Today I went to Staples to buy business card paper. At the same time while I was walking out of the store, the harassment beeper went off four times. I came back to the store and made a complaint to the store manager. I purposely did this in order to leave complaint record for future reference.

On my way to the Law Library, the helicopter flew directly above the area. I never saw any helicopter in downtown area till the day when I made human rights complaint in July 2006. I clearly remembered on July 20, 2006 that night, the helicopter flew in circles above my building over and over for five times. Since then I always saw helicopter no matter wherever I went. I think it was because I used camera and recorder to capture the stalking activities by the extremist group, which effectively stopped them. They don't want to leave too much evidence in my camera. Then helicopter appeared since then. If I complain that helicopter follows me, the public would hardly believe me. However, it would be equally hard for them to explain why the black helicopter would fly above downtown area in such frequency.

Now it appears more and more clear to me that this organized stalking activities meant to undermine my mental health at this stage. In my past two and half years, the perpetrators tried to use any possible opportunities to create problems in my life, and to harass me for the purpose to frustrate me. This was a group effort. Thus it is an organized crime. No matter how underground it was carried out, the pattern was shown consistently, and their purpose was to injure me psychologically. I have enough evidence to prove their malicious intention now.

To remain underground, and attack secretly is actually a manifestation of guilty. They knew what they did was with malice, and even against the law. Thus, they had to hide their criminal behavior. That's why they are called "perpetrators". They are the true criminals.

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