Friday, November 28, 2008

Coincidence or attempts

At about 5:20 pm tonight, I was almost hit by a car when acrossing the street at a very small intersaction. It is in residence area, and the street has only one lane for each direction. the speed limit in this residence area is no more than 25 m/hour. While I was walking across the street at the pedestrain cross-walk, a car drove directly towards me as if it didn't see me at all. It was not so dark at the time, and a couple of cars in the opposite direction all stopped and waited for me to cross over. At about 5 meters away, I realized this car was not going to slow down, not even mention to stop, so I had to move backward in order to escape the accident. I was barely able to avoid it. If one second late, I would have been knocked down by this car.

I couldn't believe that the lady said she didn't see me at all after I stopped her. Her car's headlight was on, and this is mandatory requirement driving in Canada even in broad daylight time. And all other cars in the opposite direction stopped with headlights on and waiting at the intersection. If she didn't see me, she definitely saw the cars in front of her. The reason made me suspicious of her intent was she said she didn't see me, but there was another guy sitting beside her. Could it possible that both of them didn't see me?

I already had two occiasions of car incident a little over a year ago. It happened within six months. But I successfully avoided both. Before those incidents, I had over ten years driving history, and had never had such "coincidence" . Now within two years, I kept experiencing such danger. I can't help thinking that both previous incidents were likely staged accidents. This is the third time.

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