Sunday, August 3, 2008

See The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Mind control means you loss your privacy, you are living under social microscope inside and outside of your home, and your behavior experience either positive or negative reinforcement by a group of people who execute this covert program. In most cases your free will, your free choice of your way of life and even your private behavior is being monitored and controlled by such that if you behaved outside of the social 'conformity', you are being harassed by this network that consists of people from all walks of lives, such as police, fire fighters, rescue workers, and even taxi drivers, mail delivering men, waste management truck drivers, the landlords and etc. Their harassing activities are subtle and psychological in nature with plausible deniability, only the victims are fully aware of such hidden evil, however being denied the opportunity to complaint. This is a behavioral control program, a mind war imposed on the targeted individuals who are made not to be believed if they try to complaint about this harassment. This type of harassment is designed to undermine the victims sanity, and further to discredit them.

Mind control has thousands of years history. It existed ever since human history started. Pschoanalysis of the targeted individuals plays a role in the covert activity. That is why almost all the mind control victims are under covert surveillance. Your behavior 7/24 are under monitoring. Some victims would think their thoughts are being invaded and actually being read. Most victims are even aware they are under fake and illegal investigation because they were hinted by coded language or directed conversation. However, if you ask the question in open, they would completely deny the hidden meaning. This tactic is to create confusion, or to be exact, to turn your mind into a battle field, and create hypersensitive state in the mind of the victims. This tactic is enough to alter victims' perception of the reality, and make them look paranoid and crazy.

But if you can detect and resist to play with such mind control game , and expose their hidden agenda, eventually you will get out of the dark tunnel and see the bright day sky. Knowledge and experience is power. Empower yourself with years of personal observation, and careful response. Focus your attention to the big goal, and grasp any opportunity to disappoint the perps with their calculated setups. You will get out of the long and dark tunnel sooner or later.

Like a patient who had too many different kind of diseases, eventually he/she would become a doctor himself/herself. Every human life has a value, and has a meaning. You are the one to determine your destiny, not by the perpetrators. Live well and live out a true life meaning.

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