Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Game, Great spirits

NBA Champaign game comes to an end tonight. Boston Celtics won the game. To me, this is not about Boston, but about the excellent players like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet.

Paul Pierce stays in Celtics for so long, and most of the years, they didn’t even get into playoff. However, he stays and worked so hard to strive for win. Today, he is rewarded.

Ray Allen has such consistent performance in the past years he played, and played every year with upmost efforts, today he is rewarded.

Kevin Garnet is such an outstanding player that few players can match, though never had luck to win the NBA Champaign for such a long time. Tonight he is rewarded. He can’t hold his emotion when the reporter interviewed him. I am also moved and almost into tears to see him let out his inner most feelings.

Their great performance brought incredible entertainment value to the audience for every minute they were in the floor, and their team work spirits moved every single soul who watched them. I can’t help thinking if our everyday life is operated the same way, this world would be much better off than what we really have now.

Whenever I saw beautiful things in this world, it reminded me of the horrible experience when I worked for my government employer. Those government gangsters are more like animals than human beings. They are senseless and heartless creatures. I can’t think of anything else than racists they really are. This is so called corporate culture. That ugly culture is gangster or mafia culture, nothing more and nothing less. The corrupted government can never bring good things to this world, but soft killing and moral corruption.

I am lucky that I got chance to see the beautiful side of this world now. Honest people, hard working and respect. The civilization of mankind has always been moving forward, with some setback, but never stopped.

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