Saturday, March 1, 2008

The fire truck continues to stalk me

Last Friday, I had an interview with a large company in the afternoon. I requested an early off since I worked in the afternoon.

At around 3:00 pm on the way to the interview site, suddenly a wailing of sirens was heard from behind, and I noticed there were two fire trucks screamed while driving along the road. As they passed over my car, one of them press honk long and loud. It was a very disturbing scene as if there was an emergency. To other people, they might think so, but to me, it was a false alarm for sure. I had too many of this occurances before, and I knew these fire trucks were actually stalking me, and harassing me by using sirens and flash lights.

Yesterday, I was arranged to have the second interview in the same company. I didn't see any fire truck on the road. I thought well, it might be just a coincidence to feel that fire trucks stalking me last Friday. I felt good about it, and I wish it was just a coincidence.

I arrived at the company 10 minutes earlier, and prepared to get ready to see the interviewers.
The same person that I met in last interview came out to see me, and led me into the interview room. But as soon as the interview started, I noticed outside in the parking lot, two fire trucks appeared. They parked right in front within the view that I could see clearly.

I could tell this was no coincidence at all. They were there on purpose to show me that I was being watched all the time, and they knew exactly where I am, thus, parked in the location directly within my view.

The similar situation happened repeatedly over the last three years, and it is no longer a strange scene that could distract me or annoy me anymore. However, they didn't change their perception of me a bit after three years of persistent harassment, and my factual proof that they were wrong. They blacklisted my name for good. They deliberately made me an enemy without any valid reason. But this is their choice, and their decision. Not mine.

I feel so sorry for those law enforcement agencies. They constantly abuse their power, and wasted tax payers' money to stage this sick psychological warfare. I, as an innocent citizen, have the responsibility to expose this covert psychotic warfare to this open society.

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