Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If power corrupts, it corrupts absolutely

It is sad that law enforcement wears a lawful hat, so everything they do are taken for granted by the law bidding citizens. But if you know the truth, you will feel at what degree you are being betrayed by the so called law enforcement. And your tax money is being abused of a certain proportion to insitgate the socical injustice and psychological terror by those who wear uniform.

I would ask you to do your own research and pay a little attention to the law enforcement for what they do on daily basis, especially for the fire trucks. When they abuse their sirens and red flash light, it casts severe negative influence in citizen's mind. It polutes the harmonious environment, and peace of mind of the urban citizens. It disturbs the overall living condition of the city. It created tension and uncomfortable feeling. If you do observe them, most of the cases, their sirens and red flash lights are false alarm, and unnecessarily and over exaggerately used. However, the public would always think there would be some emergency. That's why we are foolishly betrayed by those unlawful law enforcement. I say this not because I am against them. I say this to save them, their credibility and their authoritative image because they put themselves on the opposite side of the general public. They ignored the law, and ignored the interest of the public. Their behavioral made them a terrible monster. It is a fact that a lot of complaints against fire trucks for their terrorizing stalking activities throughout the North America after 911 attack.

I speak this based on my personal experience. I have been targeted by those monsters for no legitimate reason. It is quite possible that they do this for fun. They don't have enough work to do, and go stalking people, and created street theatre to harass weman. I might be just one of the weman on their list. Don't think I am making nonsense here. I don't have time to do this. This is from years' observation of the fire trucks activities and their irrational behavior.

This afternoon at around 2:00 pm, while everybody was working in the office, the fire drill went off suddenly. There was no any fire condition in the building. Upon hearing the fire drill, everybody was required to get out of the building immediately. This is nothing new to me since every workplace that I worked had this happened. Every apartment where I lived had this happened. Coincidence is out of the question, this is a deliberate setup, meant to harass a person.

But the sad thing is good people do nothing to stop this illegal behavioral. Good people don't even question this illegal behavior. Not to question the bad behavior is to empower them. Many people don't understand the consequence of their silence. That's how police used teaser over and over again to harm innocent citizens without holding the accountability. Fire trucks continue to perform illegal stalking and psychological harassment without being exposed. The general public continue to be fooled and their tax money being abused.

Wake up, the law bidding citizens, if not for your own sake, for the sake of our next generation. Our constitutional rights have been stolen away from us, and if not stop this power corruption, we are heading to the police state, a total slavery by the new facists.

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