Friday, May 18, 2007

My TV Set VCR player has been sabotaged

Today I just found out that my TV set VCR player has been sabotaged. I can't use REW function to rerun the video. It has worked just fine last time when I used it, but not today. The perps always used symbolic or metaphoric way to express their meaning. They never say or tell things directly to me. This is a typical example of Mind Control tactic. I fully understand what they are trying to tell me through this sabotage action.

Today in the library, while I was watching Fahrenheit 9/11, two security guards came over to the area where I was sitting. There was no any sign of problem at that moment. There was no reason to see them at all. But this happened to me a lot wherever I went in the past 2 and half years, which formed a pattern of constant subtle harassment. I completely ignored them as the rest of the other people in the library.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I know exactly what you mean. My TV was also compromised, as were other electronic devices. If I turned on the fan the V2K became worse. I still have the TV and recently it just exploded internally for no apparent reason although I know it was "detnated".

Anonymous said...

Detonated...sorry but the perps are comprmising all of my texts, emails and posts