Thursday, May 24, 2007

Due Process and Victim's Rights

I mentioned the concept of 'Due Process' and 'Victim' to a friend. I can tell from his eyes that he was not quite sure what I was talking about. Yes, I didn't know it before I had my personal problems - I was bullied and slandered by a few vindictive and jealousy psyches, and then further persecuted by the local secret society due to their malicious defamation.

Due process basically means that any government should respect a person's legal rights. Due process is essentially based on the concept of 'fundamental fairness'. A person should have the right to know what was accused of him or her, and should have a chance to prove before the justice system. But victims of slander or defamation are usually deprived of this legal right. All they got were the increased punishment and social injustice. They would be subjected to the discrimination, victimization and even some organized crimes.

I am a victim of slander, and defamation of character by a gangster of vindictive and jealousy individuals who have personal grudge against me. They abused their power and put me under 'False Light' in this new country where I landed as a new immigrant. The local law enforcement agencies covertly harassed me on daily basis for three years now. They illegally put me under covert hi-tech surveillance inside and outside my home, including my bathroom. There is not a single moment of privacy available to me. My daily activities and online activities are all under monitoring. They deprived me of all the basic human rights, civil right and legal rights including due process. Here I listed most of the major criminal activities done to me by the local gangsters and secret agencies:

1. Covert surveillance in the workplace, and inside my own home including the bathroom.
2. Hi-tech surveillance and organized stalking
3. Mails interception, deliberately delivered wrong packages to me for special purpose
4. Home break-ins, car break-ins, and sabotaged my car
5. Illegally accessed my bank safety box secretly and remained in plausible deniability. My
credit card information has been stolen and been used by unknown person.
6. Online activities being monitored including all my email accounts
7. Telephone and fax being wiretapped, once being blocked, and even being redirected
8. Numerous harassing phone calls, and death threatening phone calls and mails
9. Noise harassment campaign in my apartment (with great details documented)
10. Police stopped me in the street for fake reasons twice
11. Street theater harassment by Police, EMS and firefighter and even black helicopter
12. Sound and beeper harassment in public places (on and off up to present time)
13. Invasion of privacy (both personal space and my thoughts)
14. Intentional infliction of mental distress (verbal abuse, and use environment)
15. Sleep deprivation (midnight police sirens directed at me, and invisible technology attack)
16. Physical assaults, stage car accident, electronic shock, and invisible technology attack
17. CIA MKULTRA style mind control and psychological harassment
18. CIA style disorientation, disruption, misinformation, lies and corporate fraud
19. Emotional manipulation using degrading verbal abuse, malicious slander and rumors
20. Racial discrimination, retaliation, suppression and victimization
21. Job loss threatening, intent to blackmail me into institutionalization
22. Used the negative reinforcement technique to sensitize me and condition me, tried to induce phobia
23. My whole life and work environment is being monitored and controlled, and the
perpetrators took every possible steps to make my daily life hard time.

Today, as a victim, I a private citizen, a new immigrant, a skilled worker had hard time to find a job, and face difficulty to live in this world as an equal person. My privacy was severely violated with plausible deniability. This hate crime put me under massive harassment wherever I work. For the past three years, I documented large number of harassment incidents, which shows a clear pattern that harassment was of Mind Control nature, and the intelligent agency was definitely involved. Due to the secrecy, the harassment and victimization continues without stop.

This is an organized crime armed with hi-tech invisible weapon, abused by the secret police or secret society. Today it happened to me, but it could happen to you or anybody tomorrow. If you haven’t heard about this crime yet, be prepared and protect yourself, your human rights and your civil rights. Don’t let the perpetrators take away your fundamental rights without your knowledge. The only way to stop this crime is to make the public awareness, and let the justice system take control over it and establish rules and laws to punish them accordingly.

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