Saturday, May 26, 2007

I never thought that I would be a victim of Human Rights abuse

Here in Western world, a so called democratic country I experienced outrageous human rights abuse by the extremist group and secret section of the government that I think highly of before I came here. In my mind, the human rights issue only happens to the most disadvantaged persons who struggle at the bottom of the society. But I was completely wrong. Human Rights abuse exists everywhere today in this society. You might be a victim without your awareness.

Being a victim of slander, defamation of character and organized stalking, I lost my fundamental righs, and human rights involuntarily in this country, and subjected to discrimination, persecution and victimization by the extremist group and secret society. Social injustice is just like cancer disease in human body. It is cancer cell in this society. It spreads fast and easily under the influence of hate propaganda, especially with the support of police or law enforcement. Any person who is persecuted by social system or government must also be a victim of human rights abuse.

In my case, it is a fact that police and law enforcement are all involved. As my previous posts mentioned, the gangstalking group broke into my home and car for countless times without any causable reasons. They controlled my employment opportunity for the purpose to systemically oppress me both financially and in social status as a whole. They illegally monitor all my communication channels in and out for the purpose to control and oppress me. They use lies, distortion, fabrication and defamation to spread hate propaganda against me. But they remained secret like a rat, hiding in the dark and constantly attack. They want to intimidate me into silence, and keep everything evil and criminal they did to me out of the public awareness.

I want to raise a question to the public. Who is going to watch the big brother if they violate the law, citizen's human rights. and/or if they commit covert crime? It looks like they have the right to bully and harass innocent citizens in the street without any fear. My rights to be an equal person living in the country have been severely violated. I was forced to live my life like a sub-citizen here in Canada. I want to shout loudly in public that I am terribly discriminated and persecuted in Alberta, Canada without any legitimate reasons.

God gave me the rights to work, and to live as an equal person, but Satan, the evil force wants to take away my God given rights without any legitimate reasons.

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