Sunday, May 20, 2007

Harassment in the Downtown library continues

For the whole day, I stayed at home till 3:30 pm I went to the library to finish the video that left from the day before.

Upon arriving to the library, I saw a young guy that I met with in the flea market early in 2006. He hung around at the library door. I recognized him immediately, but didn't greet with him, as I know he is a harasser.

In the library, as soon as I sat down in the sofa waiting for the computer, a security guard walked over in this area again without any indication of problem in this area. As I mentioned before, this is a pattern of constant subtle harassment, and it was directed at me. I took out my camera and planned to take a picture of the scene, but it was too late, and the security guard already walked away. Then a minute later, a middle-aged man sitting opposite to me accused me of taking a picture of the old man who sat in front of the computer. However, the old man didn't seem to care about it at all. I was so angry because of the accusation, as I didn't take any pictures at all. Nevertheless, the middle-aged man insisted on my taking picture of the old man without any evidence. Thus we ran into quarrel because of this. I wanted to show him if my camera has any picture of the old man, but he doesn't want to see it. I accused him of a stalker, he didn't deny at all. I think he was here to provoke problem.

It was so strange that the security guards failed to show up during the time when we were arguing. The quarrel was loud and so bad. But the guards stayed away from it. This is a public place, and I expected them to come at this moment, to my surprise, they didn't, which was very unusual.

Then half an hour later, I went to another computer to finish my video because the computer I was using only allowed me 20 minutes. While I was watching the video, two different security guards walked over back and forth again quietly. They didn't show up when there was a problem, but they would show up when everything is peaceful.

By the time I checked a book out at the circulation desk, the security beeper went off just about the moment I walked out of the library.

Sound and color are always the favorite methods that ritual abusers used to harass their targets.

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