Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What had happened to me last night?

I am also a victim of ritual abuse. That means the social system has been used against me. For example - the unidentified law enforcement agencies are involved to abuse me usually in the form of using sirens, and red flashlight or blinking lights.

In recent days, especially since last week, every single night, either police or fire truck turned on its disturbing sirens and pressed honk long and loud in the nearby street. We don't know what happened, but for whatever reason, it is very hard to imagine there would be problems every half hour during the late night time, as I can hear sirens wailing almost every half hour. This has been going on for a week now. Any reasonable person would raise a question: "what is going on out there?"

Last night, I was busily preparing my lawsuit case against this organized crime. I don't want to make any assumption that this siren wailing was attempted to distract me. Actually, it does a little bit to this effect. But what makes me think they are is that the sirens or honk screaming happened almost at the same time when I wrote some very sensitive or serious points. It is a fact that they monitor my online activities and email covertly, thus I can easily relate this disturbing sirens with my activities even though it sounds unbelievable. I am saying I doubt if this activities were targeting at me because of the repetition of similar pattern of the behavior.

Here I want to tell everybody what has happened to me last night. While I was writing the Statement of Claim for my legal action, at around 10:08 pm, all of sudden, my heart started beating wildly for less a minute, which made me feel very hard to breath. This malfunction of my heart was not from my own body. I didn't have any exciting or extremely sad emotion at the time. I was calm and quiet, highly concentrated on my thinking and writing when this heart malfunction happened. Almost simultaneously, siren wailing went off in the street. What a coincidence! It is a signal, and threat. I can't tell you what has been done to make this happen to me, as I don't see it. But according to the technology of these days and CIA mind control weapon in existence, I have concern that this malfunction was resulted by this invisible technology. That might be the only reason that could cause this happen to me last night.

I have been a mind control victim since late 2004 when I was made aware. I experienced severe sleep deprivation and knee attacks before. But this was new to me and it happened last night. I recorded it here as future reference.

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