Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Know Your Rights

Here for those who visit my blog, I hope you can learn something benefit to you.
The following is some information about "Rights", and they are only a summary, and in general term. If you are being stalked by gangsters or intelligent agencies and suffering from covert surveillance and other invasion of privacy, you should know your rights and protect yourself. Knowledge is your power, and power is from knowledge.

The federal Security and Intelligence Service is usually a government agency. The purpose of the security and intelligence service is to collect information about the "threats to the security of the country" and report it to the government. They can also provide this information to the police and to foreign states. But they are not police. They do not have the same powers as the police. They only have the power to intercept communications (i.e. wiretap) and seize documents or records with a valid warrant. They do not have the power to:

1. ask you who you are, question you or compel you to speak;
2. stop you or search you;
3. charge you or arrest you;
4. enter or search your home;
5. detain you or deport you.

When they come to you, you do not have to answer their questions. In Canada, CSIS may come to your home or workplace unannounced – they do not have the legal right to do this. That is why it is important for you to know and assert your rights. By Law you have the equal protection – DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS.

Remember Your Rights:

You have the right to remain silent
You have the right to refuse them entry into you home or workplace
(If they insists on speaking with you or coming into your home or workplace, you have the right to call police for assistance.)
You have the right to ask them to leave
You have the right to ask to see the warrant if they claim they have one
(The warrant must specifically describe the date, the place to be searched, the time and the things to be seized.)
You have the right to tell them that you do not consent to the search
(They can only seize what is authorized by the warrant.)
You have the right to observe and monitor their activities if they has a warrant.
(You do not have to assist them or answer their questions during the execution of the warrant. A warrant for seizure does not give CSIS the right to question you. You have the right to say nothing during the seizure.)
You have the right to ask the agents for their names and titles
You have the right to confront the officers politely in public if you suspect you are under CSIS surveillance
You also have the right to report this to the police and to provide this information to your lawyer.
You have the right to not give any information to CSIS
You have the right not to identify yourself, your address or reveal your immigration status to CSIS.

I am a victim of organized stalking and covert surveillance by local extreme group and intelligence agency here in Canada. They constantly entered in my home and invade my privacy due to the malicious slander. It has been going on for three years now. My life and my career has been sabotaged to the point that I have to deal with the malicious harassment inflicted by them on daily basis. I am deprived of the employment opportunity of my profession as computer professional, and was only allowed to do some low pay job to keep both ends meet. All those unlawful activities were done with plausible deniability.

Government security agency sometimes can carry things too far because of negligence. It takes time for you to prove your innocence. Unfortunately you have to suffer some damage because of all this. In your down time, don't lose confidence. Keep fighting against this evil. Time and truth is the best defense. Know your rights, and don't let them fool you and you will come out of the dark tunnel sooner or later.

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