Tuesday, July 17, 2007

& Helpful Tips for victims of remotely monitored by secret surveillance operation

The following information are very helpful for victims of secret surveillance operation.
These tips are from one victim's account, not my work.
What to do if you're being remotely neurally monitored by an operative gone bad..

Here are a few helpful things that popped into my head that I figured I would share, should a similar experience occur with anyone else.

1. One way to tell if this is happening to you is if you suddenly start hearing voices that weren't there the day before. They may sound like they're in the next room, the next apartment, or somewhere in the vicinity.

2. Start to observe the patterns of the dialogue, the frequency of certain words and phrases, and any emotions, intentions, and "keywords and key phrases" that you may say that trigger certain responses.

3. KEEP A LEVEL HEAD! This is extremely important. Realize that you are involved with technology that no one is aware of and in the mainstream outside world, you may very well be mistaken for crazy. Also keep in mind that their techniques are designed to make you seem crazy.

4. Manage your mind. Mindfully and consciously discern what's appropriate thought, dialogue and behavior for your well being in the outside world and what's not. Make a conscious effort to never let the two worlds intertwine.

5. Observe the dialogue. Listen, without putting any stock into the validity of the words being said to what the team of operatives or whoever may be saying. The objective for this is mostly to try to gather as much information on the violators as possible. Gather as much data as you can think of. Make notes so you can remember.

6. Publicize. The more that you tell the world about your attack, the less power and control they have over you. They will not be able to harm you as easily as if you kept this to yourself. Publicize and talk about it in a manner that is intelligent, clear, concise, and level headed. Be willing to consider psychological evaluation and open to all possibilities. Do not act irate. Process your thoughts in an orderly and stable manner and present the situation to people in the same manner. Keep internet records of what's going on and find out if the authorities (your local police dept.,FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) are open to what you are saying. Send them a level-headed email so they will have your situation on record.

7. Give your important account information (banks, bills, etc) to someone you trust and have them change all passwords, security questions, etc for you, without you knowing the passwords, etc. Have them temporarily conduct business for you until the situation is over. Operatives gone bad can possibly be making money in the identity theft business and can easily extract all of your personal information through your own eyes.

7 additional tips on what to do if you're being remotely neutrally monitored by an operative gone bad..

Here are a few helpful things that popped into my head that I figured I would share, should a similar experience occur with anyone else.

1. Notice thoughts and ideas that are out of character. DISREGARD ANY THOUGHT OR IDEA IN YOUR HEAD THAT ISN'T YOURS!!

2. NEVER obey a command or request by voices in your head. Such things are intent on becoming your undoing and should be ignored.

3. Eliminate fear. Getting hysterical, fearful, or expressing any kind of high-spirited emotion is what they want you to do. Do not be intimidated by your unusual circumstance. Understand that this kind of harassment is not uncommon and start taking pragmatic, rational measures to conduct yourself accordingly. They get into your head with voices because they don't want to do anything physically. Don't let words destroy you.

4. Educate yourself! Read and learn as much as possible about the processes and techniques being used upon you. There is plenty of reading material within the links on this site. The more you know and understand about what's been done to you, the less effective they will be.

5. Keep a sense of humor. Although circumstances may seem dark and threatening, fear and stress will get you absolutely nowhere. Stay light-hearted. Even make jokes about your situation. This will keep your mind healthy and give you a better perspective on what you're dealing with and how to live your life.

6. Replace the voices in your head with activity. Listening often to music, watching television, socializing, working and staying active will often drown out the noise in your head and render them less effective.

7. BECOME VERY SOCIAL!!! It's very important that you realize that these people are intent on isolating you from others, so that they can do whatever they want to you. Make a strong concerted effort to create, build, and/or maintain good healthy relationships with friends, neighbors, partners, acquaintances, co-workers and others, so that they won’t get the chance to do anything to you. Don't let them sucker you into fake romantic ideals and other tactics that they may use to keep you from actually being with real people.

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