Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Criminal stalkers often use elevator to conduct their harassment

The whole day I stayed at home. At around 5:00 pm, I went out to run an errant. When I came back to my apartment building, I saw Elevator 2 was already at the ground floor with the door open. I pressed the elevator button any way, and went in Elevator 2. But it didn’t move up and even refused to close the door. I pressed the button of my floor and tried to close the door again, it still didn’t do anything.

Then, I went out of the Elevator 2, and waited for the Elevator 1 to come down. Then I took the Elevator 1 to my floor. When I walked out of Elevator 1, I saw Elevator 2 also stopped at my floor almost at the same time and opened its door automatically with nobody in it.

This is stalking incident even though nobody physically was around. But by manipulating the elevator to do this strange thing, it reminds me that someone was hiding somewhere and observing my activities and my whereabouts. This is a covert operation, and was meant to harass me.

I don’t feel bothered by them, but feel how ridiculous they are to spend such a big effort just want to observe a person without any personal gain. This place is insane.

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