Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Organized stalking continues, but with more secrecy

The organized stalking staged against me has been going on for over three years now, but it has no sign of stop apparently. Considering the scope and persisitence, it is in no way an individual or small group behavior, it is a state sponsored action. In my case, the police and other law enforcement agencies are secretly involved. This is a crime that covertly and collaberately commited by those agencies whose main purpose is to punish or to revenge based on racial attitude, prejudice and pervasive slandering campaing.

For those who never experienced gang stalking or organized stalking might not know what it exactly means. The organized stalking is aimed at undermining the targeted individual's mental health, creditbility and eliminating this indivdiual from the mainstream of the society.

Organized stalking is a highly criminal campaign. It is designed to destroy the targeted individual's life through covert and persistent harassment, malicioius slander, and psychological assaults. Gang stalking deprives the targeted individual of their basic constitutiona rights and destroys their freedom, setting a stage for the destruction of a person, socially, mental and physical, through a ceaseless assault that pervades all areas of a persons life.

A. False light invasion of privacy
B. Malicious slandering campaign to cause hatred against this indiviudal
C. Subtle but pervasive personal harassment in all areas of this person's life
D. Set up the targeted individual to induce suicide
E. Set up the targeted individual to violent act in order to incriminate themselves
F. Drive the targeted individual to insane for psychiatric lock up

My suffering indiced by organized stalking were outrageous at the beginning. The perpertrators turned my life nightmare. They tried to turn me into a phobia of this world. Basically they staged malicious harassment anywhere I have been to. They turned the city hositle to me for the purpose to drive me out of this place. I knew if I moved to any other place, the same thing is going to happen again because the perpetrators wouldn't stop executing their agenda.

Since I was targeted by this criminal group, my professional career has been damaged, and my personal life has been destroyed. I was terminated by my previous government employer without just cause. And they blackballed my name so that I couldn't find a professional job after two years. I am still unemployed due to the unlawful control, the control my my human rights, the control of my civil rights by these criminals. That is why they remain secret. This is the most dangerous and evil crime in this society.

Now, I had my the fourteenth job interviews within two years, but none of these employers offered me a job. This interview game will continue to go on, on and on....

Now the interviews become a psychological torture. It makes my confidence slowly go away, because the "hope" aslo became a torture, then what else left in this world? This is the crulest way that perpetrators perpetrate their crime, a psychological killser.


Anonymous said...

By putting this information out to the public is the best way to put an end organized harassment. I have been harassed for several years now. The pattern is the same for most people being victimized. The level of harassment is gradually increased until the target is isolated and feels helpless. The goal is to ruin the targets reputation. If the conventional means of harassment doesn't work then the electronic harassment is used on the target. Directed energy weapons are real and can be used at a considerable distance. HSV technologies holds a patent on a wireless taser that can be used two kilometers away from the intended target. This is just an example of how far technology has advanced. Your best protection is to keep a small digital camera with audio and video capability and record the obvious harassment. If you are being followed and harassed on the road you can look up tag numbers on Here is a tip to help lesson the electronic harassment. Make a retro reflector. A retro reflector will bounce the signal back to the source. A free template for a corner reflector is located at . A simple version of this can be made from 3 mirrored tiles. Two mirrored tile to form a 90 degree ( right angle)and on on the bottom.Use foil tape to hold together. It can also be made from aluminum sheeting available from you local big box store. Remember to keep records because eventually this is going to be exposed.

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