Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New stalking incident today

Around 6:50 pm, I went out to do my regular walk-out. I locked my suite door, and pressed the elevator button, in a minute, the Elevator 2 (the one for moving) stopped at my floor. I walked in, and pressed the P2 button (level 2 parking lot) and then pressed Close button. The door was closed, but it didn't move down, instead it stayed there for a minute, and opened its door again.

I pressed the Close button again, it still didn't move, and kept opening the door. I tried a couple of time, it did the exact same thing, just refused to move down. I had to use the stairs to go down. But when I went down to the ground floor, this elevator was already down on the ground floor with its door open. Then it closed the door, and move down. I didn't take this elevator.

This means someone secretly watched elevator at that moment, and held it so as not to let it take me down. When I used stairs, this person let the elevator down to the ground floor and opened the door. I didn't take it, I took the other elevator to the P2 (level 2 parking lot) from the ground floor, and this time it was fine.

I live in a high rise apartment, and the Elevator 2 has always been used to do the harassment. What stupidity is this? My perps must have nothing to do in their lives.

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