Monday, September 24, 2007

The secret destructive group stalkers continue to do underhanded dirty work

The following harassing incident happened on Sept. 21, 2007 (Friday)

Early in the morning I went to work. As soon as I got out of P2 elevator, I heard someone was approaching to the electrical garage door, as I heard the noise of the garage door as it opened. Then I walked to my car, and started my car and slowly drove towards to the EXIT door. However, the garage door was still open when I drove towards it, and I saw a red van staying near the gate without doing anything. This was a stalking incident. This red van was waiting for me to show up. When the driver saw me driving towards to the EXIT door, it started to move forward into the driveway. I thought it would continue to drive out as expected, but it stopped right there at the driveway and blocked me from driving forward. At this moment, I was at the midpoint of the slope, and I had no choice but to stop in order to avoid hitting this red van. However, it is almost a 30 degree slope and it is very dangerous to stop at the midpoint of the upward slope drive way. I stepped on brake very hard to secure my car to stop there safely, and waited for it to go away. This van stopped there for a few seconds, and started to move forward very slowly. Then I was able to drive forward, but only to find it very dangerous to take my foot off the brake.

I thought this red van did enough and it would drive away after his first evil intention, but he did the same thing again when he drove out of the garage gate, and stopped for the second time in a row to block me at the second slope outside the garage door. I had to press the horn to warn him. The second slope is not as bad as the first one, but the perpetrator showed his deliberate intention to hurt me. And he did it on purpose.

The perpetrator carefully designed to block me at the halfway of the upward slope in the driveway in order to cause fear. This was done on purpose to affect my emotion early in the morning before I started my work. They have been using the same tactics to disturb my peaceful life, and to provoke problems in my work over and over again in the past three years. They haven’t stopped yet.


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