Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secret stalkers got into my car illegally

In the afternoon, March 30, 2010, I went to NAIT Registration office. I parked my car in the self paid parking lot, and put the parking ticket on the top counter at the driver side. But when I came back to my car, I noticed the parking ticket was moved to the right side -pessenger side. The car window was closed, and there was not air circulation inside the car. How the dell the ticket could be moved from left side to the right side? Some one had broken into my car, or they have the access into my car, and put the parking ticket there.

This was to tell me that the stalkers closely kept an eye on me no matter where I go. As the exact same thing happened last year in Calgary when I went there to renew my passport. That time, they got into my car, and bent my back mirror facing down the floor. When I came back to my car, and was ready to start the engine, I looked at the back mirror, and realized all I could see was the floor. Immediately, I realized my car was broken into by someone who had the access to my car, and did it for the purpose to covertly tell me they were watching me.

I don't believe those people are regular thieves, they are undercovered agents, and they believed they are doing this illegal activities for a legitimate reason. However, the fact is they are abusing their power and violated my Human Rights. They are criminals covered by uniform, and they are psychopathic freaks, a groug of cynical racists.

You will never know what these people can do with the cover of uniform.