Thursday, December 4, 2008

Different Forms of Organized Stalking and Who Is Behind All This.

The following article is written by Keith Labella

1. Any information in FBI’s records, whether in print, audio, digital, or, any other form (hereafter “FBI records”) related to the national phenomenon of gang stalking.

2. “Gang Stalking” is known by other synonymous names including, but not limited to: community stalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, revenge stalking, vigilante stalking, terrorist stalking, and gaslighting. I request information related to all FBI records related to any of these terms, and, any similar terms.

3. Gang stalking involves groups of individuals operating territorially and nationwide, and, in communication and collusion with each other, to violate the civil rights of, and disrupt, destabilize and finally destroy individuals who are put on a Stalking List for various reasons. The gangs use both intensive physical and electronic surveillance means to do this. I request any information in FBI records related to gang stalking groups.

4. Gang stalking methods include, but are not limited to, street theatre, in which targets of gang stalking are subjected in public to rudeness, loud speaking and personal references to themselves and their private activities by persons within the gang stalking conspiracy. Dangerous tailgating and headlight brighting while the targeted individual is followed when driving committed by the gang stalking conspirators. Theft and vandalism of the targeted individual’s property including that of their home(s) and vehicle(s) committed by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Noise campaigns in which gang stalking conspirators and recruited neighbors use car honking, door slamming, light shining and other distractions to harass the gang stalking victim. Conspicuous surveillance and following both on foot and by vehicles used by the gang stalking conspirators against the targeted individual. Disruption and coercion used against employers of the individual targeted by gang stalking in order to get the targeted individual fired. Coercion used against targeted business owners involving threats to employees, theft of business property, and threats to customers, suppliers, and, others who deal with the targeted individual's business by members of the gang stalking conspiracy in an effort to destroy the targeted individual’s business. Electronic bugging used against a targeted individual, and, disruption or theft of their mail, phone-lines, e-mails, computers, internet, electricity, water service, and any other necessary service disruption against a targeted individual’s services by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Targeting the individual’s friends, family and even children in order to harm the targeted individual and isolate them conducted by members of the gang stalking conspiracy. Psychological warfare conducted by members of the gang stalking conspiracy against the targeted individual to create phobias and to feed known phobias of the victim. Gang stalking victims have had their pets poisoned and otherwise harmed and killed. I request any and all FBI records on the above-stated gang stalking methods and any similar methods.

5. Any FBI records indicating the number of individuals targeted by gang stalking (i.e., gang stalking victims).

6. Any FBI records indicating the number of individuals involved in gang stalking groups nationwide.

7. Any FBI records indicating the status of members and/or recruits in the gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, local criminals, cops, firefighters, EMT workers, essential service workers (telephone, electricity, janitors), former victims recruited and any other group representing a statistical identifiable, portion/percentage of the gang stalking groups.

8. Any FBI records indicating the suicide, mental breakdown, or, other physical, mental, or, penal harm that befell any gang stalking victim as a result, or a believed result, of their being subjected to gang stalking and gang stalking methods.

9. Any FBI records indicating a concerted effort on the part of any federal, state or local authorities to keep gang stalking out of major media coverage and off certain websites such as Wikipedia, and, to otherwise control the flow of information related to gang stalking in any form or format by governmental authorities. Any FBI records indicating that the FBI and/or coordinating agencys have spread disinformation related to gang stalking through the press or internet for any reason.

10. Any FBI records indicating that publicly funded victim’s groups are being censored in any way regarding the information they receive and transmit to any party regarding gang stalking. Any FBI record indicating the use of federal funding as a tool to control the flow of information, directly or indirectly, regarding gang stalking

11. Any FBI records indicating the increase in frequency of gang stalking activity from 1990 to present.

12. Any FBI records indicating coercion or bribery being used by gang stalking groups to force or bribe neighbors, local businesses and others in the community of a targeted individual to participate in the gang stalking methods/activities directed against one or more targeted individuals within a community.

13. Any FBI records indicating the motives behind the stalking of individuals such as personal vendettas, family vendettas, whistle-blowing (corporate and government), employment disputes/lawsuits, political views, sexual orientation, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, HIV status, business disputes, marital disputes, monetary disputes, and any other similar motives for gang stalking.

14. Any FBI records indicating the funding of gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, narcotic and other racketeering funds, corporate funds, local business funds and government money (e.g. paid informants), monetary crimes by the gang stalkers, or, payment for surveillance or intelligence collected by gang stalking groups paid by racketeers made to the gang stalkers for services they rendered.

15. Any FBI records indicating the number of informants (paid and unpaid) under the control of federal, state and local law enforcement within these gang stalking groups. For instance, during the Civil Rights Era the FBI now acknowledges 20% of KKK members were informants.

16. Any FBI records relating to a List on which gang stalking victims are placed which initiates and/or maintains the gang stalking activities against them.

17. Any FBI records indicating a hierarchy within the gang stalking groups including a chain of command.

18. Any FBI record indicating that any person targeted and victimized by gang stalkers were subject to this activity across state lines as they lived and/or traveled in different states.

19. Any FBI records that pertain to the psychological profiles of gang stalking members, akin to the FBI’s psychological profiles on serial killers.

20. Any FBI records indicating the number of complaints made to the FBI or any other prosecutorial office and/or law enforcement authority complaining about gang stalkers from victims or anyone else.

21. Any FBI records indicating the internet traffic related to gang stalking including Google hits related to gang stalking and synonymous terms. For example recent Google hits for the following terms include: Community Stalking 5,160,000; Cause Stalking 4,880,000; Organized Stalking 1,860,000; Revenge Stalking 1,390,000; Gang Stalking 362,000.

22. Any FBI records indicating that gang stalking represents a threat to National Security, State Secrets and/or the Federal Witness Protection Program.