Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Year Resolution

I was so impressed to hear a new year resolution: "Don't make the same mistake that you made last year". It sounds so simple, but when you think it hard, it is quite philosophical. I decided to take this words as my 2008 resolution. But don't think it is easy to do, it is actually pretty hard.

Human beings are habitual animal. When a certain habit is established, it is not easy to change.
I often make mistake as a habit, but only to realize it afterwords. I still can change, but it just take some attention.

Since became a victim of gangstalking, I experience the changes from being a very shy person to a strong woman. However, I still make the same mistake. This year, I am so determined to make this change. Living a life is a process of changing for the better in all aspects of my life.